Reinventing urban planning during a pandemic

Poovenraj Kanagaraj

Cities have and will always be an integral part in bringing societies across the world together, and to do so successfully, most cities have adapted to the changing circumstances brought...


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Meet Tuppy, the new zero waste tapau solution for Malaysia

Zero waste practitioners (and those looking to practice a greener lifestyle) have something new to...


Covid-19: Access to public space during the Movement Control Order

Over the past few months, images of empty public spaces around the world became a...


Policymaking in the age of crisis

Here are highlights from our Earth Week webinar on Adaptive Policymaking in the Age of...


Climate VS Corona: Why Panic About The Virus But Not About The Climate Crisis?

In conjunction with Earth Day for this year, Think City Institute hosted a webinar, Climate...


Nitrogen dioxide levels decrease due to MCO 

Whilst COVID-19 continues to grip the world, storytelling through data has become increasingly important in...

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Art & Culture

How do art and culture contribute to cities? How do we keep them alive and what role do they play in making cities vibrant and more liveable? We check out what cities are doing to make art & culture a bigger part of their urban experience.


A city is naturally a hub of commercial activity spurred by mass urban migration, development and gentrification. But at what cost? We speak to innovative entrepreneurs who are making the city a better place with their trade.


What are the solutions available for addressing the climate crisis, and how do we enable them? What is the impact of climate upon cities, and vice versa? To turn the tides of climate change, we explore how cities can play their part.


Communities play a big part in making cities liveable, vibrant places. How do we develop and nurture communities and ensure that they take ownership in making their own cities?


Why is it important to preserve our heritage? In what forms does heritage exist? We discover best practices in heritage promotion and conservation from around the world.


How do city dwellers get around? Can all levels of city society move around easily? We explore how cities can enable greater mobility for their citizens.


What is placemaking? What is its role in creating a vibrant city? How does it affect crime rates and create safer spaces? We highlight key learnings in some of the best placemaking endeavours around the globe.


How does a city sustain itself? How can an ecologically friendly environment be created and maintained amidst progress and development? We learn from cities that have made strides in sustainability.


What are city dwellers experiencing around the world? What are the world's best cities doing right? We explore urban issues, movements and solutions.

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