2020 International Museum Day at China Main Venue was successfully celebrated in Nanjing Museum

NANJING, China, May 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hosted by National Cultural Heritage Administration, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, co-organized by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Chinese Museums Associations and Nanjing Museum, the celebration event of International Museum Day 2020 at China main venue was successfully concluded in Nanjing Museum on May 18. Museums in the country carried out various promotional activities with distinctive features around the theme of International Museum Day 2020: "Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion." 

On the morning of the activities, the opening ceremony was connected to Xinhua News Agency via the 5G network for the first time. At the ceremony, the winners of "2020 National Most Innovative Museums" and "Top10 China Museum Exquisite Exhibition Projects" were announced and awarded the honor. Moreover, the platform of "National Cloud (Virtual) Exhibition" was jointly started up by Nanjing Museum and Xinhua News Agency, and multiple agendas including the special exhibition "Integration: From the Spring and Autumn Period and the Qin and Han Dynasties – Diversity and Inclusion" were launched at the ceremony.

As part of the celebration at the main venue, the themed forum of the International Museum Day 2020 was held in the afternoon. Numerous honored guests discussed new ways for museums to serve the community and social development. In the evening, the fantastic activity of Night at the Nanjing Museum was held and attracted tons of audience.   

As Nanjing was the host city of the celebration of International Museum Day at China main venue, Nanjing Museum Administration and many other municipal and district-level museums from Nanjing held cultural salons, cultural relic identification, academic lectures, mini-exhibitions, and other featured activities while providing free admission on the day. Museums around the country also organized various themed events, building a platform for communication and interaction between museums and the public, and bringing the audience a cultural feast!

Source: 2020 International Museum Day at China Main Venue was successfully celebrated in Nanjing Museum