Accuhealth Partners With Telli Health To Provide The World's First IoT FDA Approved SpO2 Meter Powered By Sigfox

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MCALLEN, Texas, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Accuhealth announced today that they are proud to partner with Telli Health to provide the world’s first FDA certified and approved, plug-and-play Sigfox SpO2 meter. Telli Health developed the hardware and Accuhealth bought the first 5,000 units and will be the first to deploy the devices. The hardware is being tested in various cities around the United States and will ultimately be deployed to bring more equitable access to quality healthcare in rural communities that traditionally do not have access.

Telli Health began developing this innovative product after Accuhealth discovered a gap in the marketplace for wireless-enabled SpO2 (pulse oximetry) devices. This wireless SpO2 meter uses the IoT spectrum Sigfox. Sigfox was favored for its ease of deployment and low-cost and low-power requirements, allowing the devices to be small and portable, a requirement for patient adoption.

Accuhealth CEO Stephen Samson commented, "Bluetooth, in our opinion, is not an ideal medium for remote patient monitoring, and it creates barriers to entry. As more smart-enabled devices come out, the technology trend is that they will be connected to an IoT network. With COVID-19, we see this SpO2 meter as having a significant advantage due to the low cost and low power requirements. These devices can now be deployed anywhere in the United States and will natively work across most populated areas in the country.

We look forward to bringing innovative, quality healthcare to rural communities across the country and eventually expanding as a Telehealth option globally."

While Accuhealth begins deploying this technology, remote patient monitoring benefits have changed in certain states, allowing the wireless SpO2 meters to be even more significant in remote patient monitoring. For instance, as of October 1, 2020, newly enacted Texas Medicaid telemonitoring guidelines allow for SpO2 monitoring, with documentation requirements stating that telemonitoring equipment must be capable of measuring and transmitting oxygen levels in the blood, among other metrics.

SpO2 is a critical biometric that indicates how effectively a patient is breathing and how well blood is being transported throughout the body, a key indicator for COVID-19 patients.

Accuhealth is a healthcare technology company that provides clinics and enterprises a turn-key remote patient monitoring solution, including first-line 24/7 clinical monitoring. With access to real-time vital information, physicians improve outcomes, reduce costs for payers, and increase clinics’ revenue. Accuhealth made remote monitoring simple and easy for providers and patients. Visit for more information.

Telli Health is an industry leader in medical IoT devices. Telli Health is proud to partner with the best network providers across the globe to deliver fast and reliable coverage for the best user experience possible, no matter the location. Visit for more information.

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Source: Accuhealth Partners With Telli Health To Provide The World's First IoT FDA Approved SpO2 Meter Powered By Sigfox