Adding Value to "Trash" at IPC's Recycling and Buy Back Centre

The community shopping centre expands recyclable categories and encourages the many to #panta their trash away

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The decluttering, recycling, and upcycling trend has been building steadily since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, IPC Shopping Centre has established its Recycling and Buy-Back Centre (RBBC) to be a hub for sustainable waste disposal with the expansion of its recyclable range to support the community in their recycling journey.

IPC Shopping Centre #Panta Your Trash Away campaign
IPC Shopping Centre #Panta Your Trash Away campaign

With the Green Campaign returning for the eighth year, the #Panta Your Trash Away campaign will take place throughout April and May to encourage individuals and families to recycle their waste. Leveraging its Swedish heritage, IPC Shopping Centre has adopted the recycling style called ‘panta’, which means handing something in and getting money in return. In Sweden, it is common to deposit plastic bottles and aluminium cans in a collection machine at supermarkets and receive instant monetary rewards.

During the campaign, shoppers will receive cash backs and exclusive gifts such as a RM10 B.I.G e-voucher and a collapsible lunchbox when they recycle a minimum weight (8kg) of paper, plastic, or aluminium at the RBBC. As a family-friendly shopping centre, IPC also encourages children to be involved in the Små Club Warriors Recycling Program. Not only will children receive sticker badges as a token of recognition, they will also receive fun DIY kits to learn new ways to upcycle their recyclable materials, turning them into beautiful art pieces.

To redeem the rewards, shoppers are required to collect a stamp card from i-Counter located at Level G of IPC Shopping Centre, drop off recyclables at the RBBC located at the car park near Ladies Parking, Level P1, and collect receipts during each recycling trip. Once they have achieved a minimum weight of selected recyclables, they can then present the stamp card at the i-Counter and redeem their rewards.

"When many Malaysians have taken it upon themselves to declutter their homes in the past year, we realise the importance of creating a convenient and conducive space to encourage them as well as tenants to dispose of their waste sustainably instead of disposing them in the trash. The RBBC accepts waste and recyclable materials ranging from general waste to e-waste, fabric waste, and food waste to prevent them from ending up in the landfills. Today, we have also started accepting glass and Tetra Pak beverage cartons as recyclables at the RBBC," said Mark Tan, Marketing Manager of IPC Shopping Centre.

He added, "Sustainability has always been a big part of IPC Shopping Centre. We have introduced the cumulative recycling system during this campaign so that shoppers can be rewarded anytime throughout the two months when they have dropped off a sufficient amount of paper, plastic, and aluminium. We hope that with the extended recyclable categories and added incentives from the campaign, individuals and families will be able to create new habits and memories as they declutter their homes and recycle the waste at the RBBC."

IPC Shopping Centre is a Green Building Index certified shopping centre. Their continuous efforts to reduce environmental includes having:

  • Solar panels and energy-saving bulbs installation to minimize electricity consumption
  • Rooftop rainwater harvesting system for irrigation
  • Real plant landscape inside the centre to regulate temperature
  • Recycle bins within the centre to encourage shoppers to do their part for the environment

For more information about the Green campaign and the Recycling & Buy-Back Centre, visit IPC Shopping Centre’s website or download the IPC mobile app for free on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Source: Adding Value to "Trash" at IPC's Recycling and Buy Back Centre