Amigo & Amigo's lighting installation Cocoon will debut at Beijing apm

BEIJING, Nov. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — This winter, the futuristic lighting exhibition “Touch My Heart” will be open to public at Beijing apm and New Town Plaza, two of the city’s leading shopping malls developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties. Amigo & Amigo, an international lighting and design studio, will debut its creative lighting installation, Cocoon, at Beijing apm.

The futuristic lighting exhibition "Touch My Heart"
The futuristic lighting exhibition “Touch My Heart”

As an international metropolis with growing influence, Beijing is well known for its perfect blend of fashion, culture and art. Beijing apm is located along Wangfujing Street, with a history of more than 100 years. As the first one-stop shopping mall in and around Wangfujing, Beijing apm quickly rose to become the primary shopping destination for young and fashionistas.

Amigo & Amigo has been expanding its presence around the world for seven years, with its works becoming frequent sights at international expos across Asia, Europe, the US and the Middle East. Inspired by the Chinese idiom “break out of the cocoon, and turn into butterfly”, the creative concept behind Cocoon conveys the idea that transformation is a tough process, and the power to complete a transformation can only come from inner strength.

Amigo & Amigo’s first China show is coming soon. Beijing apm joined hands with Amigo & Amigo to bring the creative lighting installation “Cocoon” to China, in an effort to create a unique sensory space within the urban environment, giving visitors an opportunity to explore Beijing from a new perspective, examine themselves and heed their inner voice, ultimately helping visitors know their inner self and give themselves a feeling of satisfaction both physically and emotionally.

The Cocoon, an 8.8-meter high tailor-made installation in harmony with the general style and motif of Beijing apm, is a floating work of art consisting of a 15,000-meter long rope to which 2,020 lightbulbs have been affixed in celebration of the upcoming year 2020.

The most unique charm of Cocoon lies in its ability to connect with the experiencer. When you enter the Cocoon, touch the sensor and the device immediately responds to your heart rate by changing the flickering frequency of the light and the rhythm of the music so that you can see your heartbeat. You can sit, lie, and listen to a symphony of heartbeats from friends, family, and strangers.

Relax, recline, and recharge yourself inside the safety and energy of this beautifully woven form. Take your time to absorb the living, animated pulses flowing up and around you in the heart of the Cocoon. When you are ready, emerge transformed. The Cocoon is a device that helps all of us reconnect with other people and grow stronger. We are not alone. We can change and reinvent ourselves together in the Cocoon.

Exhibition Period: December 7, 2019 to February 14, 2020

Venue: Atrium, 1/F, Beijing apm

The futuristic lighting exhibition “Touch My Heart” will start on December 7, 2019 and run until February 14, 2020. Amigo & Amigo director Simone Chua said: “I’m truly looking forward to the interactions between the Cocoon and Chinese visitors. Cocoon has been inspired by Eastern culture, and it will debut in Beijing. It’s amazing.”

About Beijing apm

Beijing apm is the first shopping center of SUHJY Group in mainland China, which is deeply favored by fashion brands and specialty catering brands. It also has many of the most distinctive and international flagship double-entry stores, which is the only one in Wangfujing business district. Beijing apm is am+pm, playing day and night, you can enjoy the fun of eating, drinking, playing and shopping one-stop. Beijing apm with meticulous, humanized, international standard service consumers, adheres to the “heart to build a home” service purposes, so that the majority of consumers feel the warmth like home.

About NTP

NTP is another high-quality shopping center built by SUHJY Group in mainland China. It is located in the southeast of the south second ring of Fengtai district, Beijing. It is located in the prosperous area of Fang Zhuang area. It is composed of one underground floor and four aboveground floors, gathering more than one hundred well-known shops such as fashion, international sports and digital technology, and selecting nearly 40 family gas catering brands. NTP perfectly integrates modern business and urban life, with the positioning of international brand layout, humanized service concept and younger age, to create a one-stop home entertainment shopping living place, bring diverse and new consumption experience for consumers, and lead Beijing shopping life new fashion.

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