An Auspicious Start of "Visit Wuhan" in Chinese New Year

WUHAN, China, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The first Spring Festival holiday since China optimized its COVID-19 response policies saw the hustle and bustle return to tourist attractions and cultural venues, showing the "Chinese speed" is returning at an accelerated pace. According to official data: China’s surging consumer dynamism and pent-up demand rebounds. It shows the charm of the Chinese market and culture and enhances the interest of overseas tourists in Chinese culture and the desire for the Chinese culture and tourism market.

With the renewed attention of overseas visitors to China’s cultural destinations, Chinese tourist cities are using overseas media for targeted marketing, and of course, Wuhan is no exception. During the traditional Chinese New Year period, Wuhan used "Visit Wuhan"(official account of Wuhan Culture and Tourism Administration on social media) to post special Chinese New Year content and organize online campaign to enlarge the influence of Wuhan city on the world in a more positive attitude.

The creative online campaign of Chinese New Year last for 15 days, starting from January 16 to the Lantern Festival."Visit Wuhan"guides overseas fans to explore the scenery, life, and cultural essence of Wuhan in an interesting and interactive way. Also, this shows a vibrant atmosphere of Chinese New Year in Wuhan through dozens of CNY-themed posts in multiple directions. Use the hot topics of Chinese New Year after reopening the entry to express a warm welcome to international visitors.

"Visit Wuhan" has now become the frontline for Wuhan to promote its cultural tourism to the outside world, and visitors from all over the world are getting to know Wuhan through this window. Wuhan is also using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and other overseas social media platforms, to promote and publicize the city actively and comprehensively. We believe that Wuhan is becoming an international tourist destination and more attractive to tourists. "Visit Wuhan" will play a more significant role in the internationalization of Wuhan culture and tourism brands.

Source: An Auspicious Start of "Visit Wuhan" in Chinese New Year