Arcc Spaces Receives Excellent Service Awards in Singapore and China

Demonstrating Dedicated Customer Experiences and Premium Office Ambience

SINGAPORE, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Arcc Spaces, one of the leading flexible workspace service providers in the region, has received two Excellent Service Awards in strategic business locations – Excellent Service Awards 2021 from Singapore Retailers Association, and Excellent Business Centre Service Awards from 21st Century Business Reviews, one of the most renowned publications in China. Receiving these two awards truly demonstrates Arcc Spaces’ dedication in providing high quality customer service and experience to its customers.

Evelyn Chye (the upper photo), General Manager Singapore, and Jill Lu (the bottom photo), General Manager Shanghai, respectively received the service awards on behalf of Arcc Spaces
Evelyn Chye (the upper photo), General Manager Singapore, and Jill Lu (the bottom photo), General Manager Shanghai, respectively received the service awards on behalf of Arcc Spaces

Winner of Various Excellent Service Awards

During the Singapore Retailers Association award presentation, Arcc Spaces’ team members received two Gold and four Silver Excellent Service Awards (also known as ‘EXSA’) respectively. Launched in 1994, the Excellent Service Award is a national award that recognises individuals who have delivered quality service. It seeks to develop service models for staff to emulate and to create service champions. Organisations with EXSA staff are committed to achieving service excellence. The criteria of the Gold and Silver Award include the delivery of service excellence programmes and a certain number of positive comments from the customers. Previously, Arcc Spaces was recognised as one of the Silver Award winners in 2020. This recognition is a great encouragement for the hospitality team to continue serving customers attentively and warmly.

In the 21st Century Business Model Summit hosted by 21st Century Business Review, Arcc Spaces received the Excellent Business Centre Service Awards as a recognition for its dedicated customer experiences, premium office settings and ambience for businesses. To fulfill the memento of Being a Host at the Workplace for 18 years, Arcc Spaces has been strongly focusing on delivering memorable hospitality through its dedicated teams across all countries. From talent recruitment, training and development, to facilitating the entire operation and evaluation system, Arcc Spaces has demonstrated the true meaning of hospitality.

Elevating Customers’ Experiences

In 2022, Arcc Spaces has rolled out several initiatives to elevate the customer experience. One popular initiative is known as the "Trolley Run". During the "Trolley Run", the Customer Service team greets every office in the centre and distributes snacks from a trolley so the members can take a breather during their hectic working hours. Selected partnerships across different regions also entitle Arcc Spaces’ members to a variety of perks and benefits for business support and well-being.

"We encourage each of our team members to take the ownership of being a host to our customers, such as engaging with them and anticipating their needs. The workspace is not solely a place to work, but also a place for collaboration and living. At Arcc Spaces, we cultivate relationships by sincerely understanding our customers. This helps to create a sense of belonging in Arcc Spaces and it’s akin to a second home for them," said Maria Nakamura, Head of Hospitality at Arcc Spaces.

Other than internal coaching, Arcc Spaces also engages third-party professionals to conduct in-depth hospitality training. One such reputable training company is Beyond Consulting, who used to be the trainer of many luxury consumer brands and boutiques. After training, Arcc Spaces staff improved their service techniques, the art of communication and skills for problem-solving.

"What impresses me at Arcc Spaces is that they prioritise the customer-centric hospitality at the centres and during daily operations. They are really able to create a wonderful experience for their guests," commented Benjamin Bilteryst, the founder of Beyond Consulting.

In another recent interview, Elliot Barratt, Founder & CEO of Elliot James Interiors, shares the reason why they chose Arcc Spaces to relocate their office. Elliot James Interior is now working at Arcc Spaces’ flagship space in One Marina Bay, Singapore.

"What I love about this space is the connection we share with our business. This is important as the place that we interact with our clients reflects our brand. Their first impressions are based on our polished website or the manner in which we interact with them digitally. When they come for a physical meeting here at Arcc Spaces, we are glad that the same brand experience continues for them," said Mr. Barratt.

Another member, Surender Sharma, Country Manager for Coromandel International for greater China also shares his experience of staying in Arcc Spaces Shanghai for 8 years.

"I appreciate the ‘wow factor’ at Arcc Spaces. Any of our partners who visit our office always say ‘wow’ at first glance. We like the beautiful design with personal touch such as the artistic decoration, the high-quality furniture, and the amazing view of Huangpu River. All these years, we enjoy the consistent service Arcc Spaces provides, such as the warm and genuine welcome every day," said Mr. Sharma.

Arcc Spaces believes that hospitality reflects the unique culture and vision of a workplace. Having superb hospitality truly helps a workplace differentiate itself from others. It is like a cycle: a delightful customer journey leads to high satisfaction, which in turn motivates the staff to keep pursuing the excellence of services. Over the years, Arcc Spaces has embodied the spirit of hospitality, setting it apart to become the leading flexible work solution provider in Asia.

About Arcc Spaces

Arcc Spaces is a shared workspace brand with 16 locations across Asia that works with corporates to transform the way they work and drive innovation through a network of hospitality-led spaces. Headquartered in Singapore, Arcc Spaces has locations across Malaysia, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. We provide access to a collection of beautifully designed business hubs, lounges and labs grounded in landmark projects across the world’s gateway cities to empower today’s leaders to meet, collaborate, learn and access talents and opportunities. Arcc Spaces is a part of the Arcc Holdings, a transformative real estate and hospitality company that develops and operates a range of concepts in the areas of ‘Work, Live and Play’. For more information, please visit

Source: Arcc Spaces Receives Excellent Service Awards in Singapore and China