Armani beauty Hosts A Skin & Metabolite Conference

PARIS, June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On June 24th Armani beauty hosted its first scientific conference focused on SKIN & METABOLITE. The event was held with the participation of renowned scientists who shared their research, highlighting the application potential of Metabolomic Indicators as a precision evaluation of clinical aging signs.

Considered as "one of the 10 emerging sciences that could change the world", metabolomics is the large-scale study of "metabolites", the smallest vital components of cells directly reflecting their state and activity. Fully impacted by extrinsic factors, metabolites profiles give a snapshot of skin condition and provide the most precise measurement of the skin interaction with its environment.

Historically used to study plants or for medical diagnostics, metabolomics is the science giving the highest precision on skin condition and its interaction with the environment today. Considered as a pioneer in high-precision skincare, Armani beauty has decided to invest into this emerging science, leveraging its potential to pave the way to a new anti-aging dimension.

Armani beauty labs are among the first labs to apply metabolomics to unlock the resurrection secret of the Myrothamnus flabellifolia plant, in collaboration with Prof. Jill Farrant.  Prof Farrant states that M. flabellifolia’s medicinal and healing properties undoubtedly come from powerful polyphenolic secondary metabolites, made up of inter alia essential oils and antioxidants.  Said oils and antioxidants are at the heart of the REVISCENTALIS™ complex.  allowing Armani beauty scientists to harness the healing properties into the CREMA NERA skincare range.

The impact of environment on skin is also highlighted by Prof. Steven Thng’s work demonstrating "visible impact of urban environment on skin".  Moreover, the collaboration between Prof. Marc Chadeau explaining how "Omics data can help elucidate the molecular mechanisms involved in the physiological response to the exposome" and Dr. Namita Misra who showed how "skin acts as a protective barrier against direct contact with pollutants", has demonstrated that several skin metabolites are unbalanced in response to exposure to air pollution. Ongoing research within that collaborative framework aims at linking these exposures, their metabolic response and skin clinical sign of aging. This will open new avenues to better understand biological mechanisms involved in the pollution-triggered accelerated skin ageing. This emerging science to establish a new dimension in anti-aging is at the core of the new CREMA NERA REVISCENTALIS META CONCENTRATE serum which unlocks the power of metabolite skin science. Inspired by nature and powered by this new science, the serum will launch as of July.


Source: Armani beauty Hosts A Skin & Metabolite Conference