ATLASPACE Partners with The Nielsen to Release "Future Trends in Workplace Environment and Preferences Survey 2019"

90% Traditional Office Users Prefer Coworking Space for Future Workplace

Coworking Space saved Meeting Room Space, Corporate Welfare Budget and Commute Time for Coffee Purchase

98% Users Satisfied with ATLASPACE Products and Services

HONG KONG, Dec. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ATLASPACE today announced the survey results of "Future Trends in Workplace Environment and Preferences 2019", undertaken by The Nielsen Company, the world’s leading market research and data analysis company. The survey covers seven cities including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an and Hangzhou with a total number of about 900 participants from traditional office users, real estate partners, and current and previous ATLASPACE’s members.  

ATLASPACE Partners with The Nielsen to Release “Future Trends in Workplace Environment and Preferences Survey 2019”

ATLASPACE Partners with The Nielsen to Release “Future Trends in Workplace Environment and Preferences Survey 2019”

The survey shows that 90% of traditional office users express interest in coworking space in the future based on six factors — locations, flexibility, business facilities, lifestyle facilities, administrative support and employee engagement activities. They also share that the top five priorities for choosing their next workplace are:

  • Located in Grade-A office building
  • Located at CBD
  • Stylish, trendy working environment
  • High security
  • Good transportation system such as close to stations and high-speed train stations

In addition to the above top five priorities, the real estate partners share that "High Security", "Financial Stability" and "China Footprint" are the top considerations for their clients when choosing for the next workplace.

90% of the current and previous ATLASPACE members are greatly satisfied with each criterion. "The way of working has undergone dramatic changes and coworking has become a new trend under current economic uncertainties. Coworking space offers flexibilities to companies such as leasing terms, immediate change of office size and IT support," said Wilma Wu, City Head of ATLASPACE Hong Kong. "ATLASPACE currently has 25 projects with a total of 5.4M sq. ft. in tier-one and tier-two cities in Greater China, Hong Kong and Vietnam to support our members’ business expansion plan. More importantly, our projects are located at CBD with a convenient transportation system. Take our centres at Harbour City in Hong Kong and Dinghe Tower in Shenzhen as examples. Our members can access to the two centres by high-speed train in less than an hour. A 5-minute walking distance could facilitate their business meetings in the Greater Bay Area."

The second key finding in the survey is that most companies only used 56% of its meeting rooms and the general space allocations are 47% on workplace, 27% on common area and 25% on meeting rooms which show low utilization rate the meeting room. In terms of employees’ welfare, an average of HKD11,401 was spent to host an average of 4.5 times social activities for employees. "With ATLASPACE, members can fully utilize the private office space as their workplace, and the common areas and meeting rooms can be optimized to achieve cost against space efficiency," said Wilma Wu. "ATLASPACE organises regular events with world’s renowned brands for our members such as Facebook’s #SheMeansBusiness Workshop, Razer Experience Event and HKTDC Jewellery Show, and Friday drinks at the common areas can be the activity for our members to meet potential business partners. Our guest experience team would assist the companies to save time and money on organizing social events and focus on their business."

Franklin Covey, a global company in training and assessment services for organizations and individuals, takes the brand positioning, overall workplace environment and supporting administrative services of an office into considerations when choosing its workplace partners. Jessica Kang, Customer Consultant of Franklin Covey, shared, "The high-end image of ATLASPACE matches with Franklin Covey’s brand positioning which is crucial in maintaining our professionalism. Moreover, ATLASPACE is detail-minded in providing diversified services and workplace facilities, including the electric height adjustable desks that enhance our team’s work efficiency. Furthermore, the all-rounded support provided by the guest experience team enables us to focus on our works."

Liquefy, a leading security token issuance platform based on blockchain technology, also set up its headquarters at ATLASPACE this year. Adrian Lai, Chief Executive Officer of Liquefy sees the flexibility contribute to the success of their business. "We are very delighted about our partnership with ATLASPACE. The multi-functional meeting rooms are equipped with advanced IT communication facilities, allowing us to stay in touch with our business partners all around the globe anytime. Moreover, ATLASPACE has provided us with high-speed internet access, certified firewalls, uninterrupted power supply and 24/7 support from their IT team. Their all-rounded support enables us to run our business in a hassle-free environment and achieve higher efficiency. Lastly, the coworking space brings inspiration to my team when we work or have internal discussion here." 

Eddie Au, Senior Director of Customer Insights of The Nielsen Company, shared, "ATLASPACE is our first coworking space partner to undertake in-depth researches on future trends in workplace environment and preferences. This truly shows their commitment and dedication to customer services and experiences to build its brand pioneering positioning in the market."

Eddie continued, "98% of current and previous ATLASPACE members are satisfied with its products and services. With 90% of current traditional office users showed interest in coworking space for their future workplace, we believe that ATLASPACE has rooms to grow in the market. We look forward to building a stronger relationship with ATLASPACE to understand customer insights in future workplace."

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ATLASPACE is the first project of ATLAS (official name of ATLASPACE in Mainland China) in Hong Kong located at Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui, one of the busiest central business districts (CBD) in Hong Kong.

ATLAS is a leading well-rounded office building operator, managing four core businesses, namely co-working space operation, design and construction management, business management and asset management. ATLAS strives to optimize the use of office assets.

With its expertise in the industry, ATLAS pursues "Dual-Engine" strategy by integrating business management and property management models to offer full-cycle asset management services and add values to the properties.

ATLAS deploys "Five-star Hotel Experience" to manage office operations and integrates lifestyle elements into workspace to increase the property values. In addition, ATLAS consolidates and highlights the resources of the users, and provides one-stop design and construction services to members, creating innovative and flexible space experience to users.

ATLAS senses the pulse of the market to provide office owners and members with world-class services. Currently, ATLAS has 25 projects with a total of 5.4M sq. ft. across Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City.

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Source: ATLASPACE Partners with The Nielsen to Release "Future Trends in Workplace Environment and Preferences Survey 2019"