Beijing Hotel NUO Unveils the Elite Room Collection, Highlighting a Fusion of Neo-Chinese Style and Royal Aesthetics

BEIJING, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Beijing Hotel NUO recently unveiled its newly renovated Elite Room Collection – a fusion of neo-Chinese style and royal aesthetics. The collection is inspired by the NUO brand concept "Chinese, Luxury, Contemporary and Green".

The hotel is located in the heart of Beijing, next to the Forbidden City. Established in 1917, the property quickly became known as "The Most Luxurious Hotel in the Orient", and served as a gathering hub for the high society of the early 20th century.

105 years hence, Beijing Hotel NUO is opening a new chapter, reinventing the neo-Chinese style. With a strong focus on three major hospitality segments – business hotels, heritage hotels and resort hotels, the debut of Elite Room Collection further demonstrates the charm of the NUO heritage hotels.

The NUO brand empowers culture as the Elite Room Collection goes live

Beijing Hotel NUO is centrally located in Beijing, just a few steps from Tiananmen Square, the National Centre for the Performing Arts and the world-renowned Wangfujing Shopping District. The hotel and its surroundings exemplify the intersection of the classical and the modern.

The Chinese name of the Elite Room Collection, "Ya Song", is inspired by the feng ("ballad"), ya ("odes") and song ("hymns") that make up the Shi Jing (Classic of Poetry). It embodies NUO’s quintessential features, blending traditional Chinese elements with modern art.

The Elite Room Collection is located in the building that was built in 1954 and designed by renowned architect Dai Nianci. The design incorporates elements typical of Chinese palaces. Paying homage to the neighbouring Forbidden City, the roof features a double-eave design adorned by small pavilions in each of the four corners. The collection includes four room types, ranging from 45 to 100 square metres. The interior of the guestrooms deploys classic decors such as Chinese traditional rosette and cloud patterns and Taihu stones.

NUO’s five senses experience creates an immersive Chinese aesthetic space

Deeply rooted in Chinese culture, the NUO brand lets guests enjoy consistent Chinese hospitality. Through the five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, guests can immerse themselves in the NUO vibe during their stay.

Visually, the blending of traditional and modern Chinese elements creates an atmosphere of storytelling and cultural ingenuity. As for sound, guests can bathe in the exclusive music of NUO. A sumptuous taste experience awaits the guests as they sample a variety of delicacies. For the sense of smell, the unique NUO aroma is a subtle blend of European fragrances and Chinese aroma elements.

A portrayal of an authentic Chinese style

Once the trendsetter of China during the early 20th century, Beijing Hotel NUO is now bringing back the authentic high-end Chinese lifestyle. Besides the new rooms, guests also have the opportunity to enjoy the famous Tanjia Cuisine, with over 100 years of history, and access to the VIP terrace, which overlooks the heart of Beijing and the Forbidden City along the famous Chang’an Avenue.

Guests are also entitled to benefits that include a 24-hour personal butler service. The Hongqi H7 limousine service is also a highlight, meeting the travel needs of the hotel’s VIPs. The iconic Made-in-China Hongqi car is the designated high-end car brand for receiving domestic and foreign dignitaries.

For more information, please visit Beijing Hotel NUO or GHA Discovery.

About Beijing Hotel NUO:
Commanding a prestigious address on Chang’an Avenue, Beijing Hotel NUO ( is one of China’s most historic luxury accommodations, standing proud in the heart of Beijing through a century of boundless change. From the grand French facade to its broad marble staircase, polished 1920s dance floor and rooms and suites of various styles, Beijing Hotel NUO is a unique treat for guests with a passion for classic beauty. Established in 1917, the hotel was once known as ‘The Most Luxurious Hotel in the Orient’ and the social hub for high society.

About NUO:
Entirely owned by Beijing Tourism Group (BTG), the name NUO, which is rooted from Latin with the implication of new and innovation, derives its name from the Chinese characters "诺金" (Nuo Jin), meaning "the golden promise", showing the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.

Inspired by China’s rich heritage, NUO Hotels’ core philosophies, as fully exemplified in the group’s properties, are encapsulated by four key brand pillars – Chinese, Luxury, Contemporary and Green – and three themes of incorporating Local Culture, China Hospitality and Low-Carbon Intelligence. Combining local culture is the soul of NUO. Each new location will give NUO new inspiration to express the Chinese culture of a specific era or region with a new perspective.

Source: Beijing Hotel NUO Unveils the Elite Room Collection, Highlighting a Fusion of Neo-Chinese Style and Royal Aesthetics