BookDoc – Reaching New Heights in 2020

The start-up making waves in the Southeast Asian health tech scene cements several major collaborations while playing its role in combating the pandemic

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Jan. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BookDoc is a health technology company headquartered in Malaysia which provides end-to-end digital solutions to healthcare. It is the only company in Malaysia and health technology company in Asia listed in the CNBC Upstart 100 List 2019, and currently has operational presences in 5 regions (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Thailand) and 20 cities.

BookDoc – Reaching New Heights in 2020
BookDoc – Reaching New Heights in 2020

The company takes a holistic approach to digital healthcare from improving access to integrating big data, in order to deliver health, economic and social benefits to its users. It works closely with key stakeholders with the aim to recreate how healthcare is delivered and comprises of three main components, namely wellness modules that integrate gaming or competitive elements to motivate lifestyle changes, health-illness modules which are designed to meet a user’s access to healthcare needs, and rapid-response modules to support global health crises such as the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In its mission to transform healthcare with digital technologies, BookDoc has ongoing collaborations with many multinational and corporate companies, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions, as well as with many local government ministries and agencies. It uses its platform to promote healthy lifestyles, organize health advocacy activities and provide early health interventions. The company is also the technology enabler for public health intervention programmes to address lifestyle-related diseases, and further engages in innovation by participating in research and development with universities.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, BookDoc has nonetheless continued to stride forward by leaps and bounds in 2020 by cementing partnerships and collaborations with:

  1. WeDoctor, one of the largest digital health technology companies from China, to provide real-time online medical services during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  2. The Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH), to offer (among others) webinars and updated information on the COVID-19 pandemic, access to COVID-19 screening tests, as well as an online appointment system and a virtual clinic for the public to book appointments and consult doctors from government health clinics virtually wherever possible;
  3. The Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH), Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, University Malaya and other strategic partners for its mQuit service to encourage Malaysian smokers to quit smoking and to help smokers to connect with various facilities and healthcare professionals; and
  4. Several major companies across various industries to welcome them onboard as BookDoc rewards partners. A few well-known names include Beiersdorf, the multinational company known for its personal care brands such as Nivea; Giant, one of the largest hypermarkets in Malaysia with a strong presence in Southeast Asia; Li-Ning, a premier sporting goods brand from China; Lazada, one of the leaders in the Malaysian online shopping scene; and Kenny Rogers Roasters, an established name known for its healthy dining options in Malaysia. Under these partnerships, BookDoc users are rewarded by earning ‘fitness points’ which can be redeemed for vouchers with participating merchants, and also by participating in BookDoc events and challenges.

While cementing several major partnerships, BookDoc also took the lead in organising a number of events for the promotion of health and general wellness. Recently, it was entered into the Malaysia Book of Records for the largest participation in its BookDoc Merdeka (Independence Day) Virtual Run. It has also won multiple awards and accolades since its establishment in 2015, including recently winning the Healthcare Fintech Alliance (HFA) Innovation Challenge, Asia, a competition jointly organized by Pfizer and Alibaba to recognize and reward outstanding health technology companies in Asia. It was also selected as one of the 50 success stories for Digitization in ASEAN, won the ASEAN Business Awards 2019 (Thailand) and 2020 (Vietnam), won Frost & Sullivan awards for 4 consecutive years, and was featured on major news portals such as Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, Bain Research Report, and Newsweek.

BookDoc is also the only healthcare platform and/or company endorsed by several government ministries in Malaysia for various collaborations, including partnering with the state government of Penang to offer free teleconsultations to local users for quick consultation should they suspect any symptoms of COVID-19, and partnering with the Employees’ Social Security Organization of Malaysia (SOCSO) for the third consecutive year for the Activ@Work initiative, where employees of private employers and government agencies compete for prizes by engaging in fitness activities.

BookDoc’s digital health ecosystem comprises of:

  1. Search & Book (A one-stop booking platform with healthcare professionals which integrates seamlessly with navigation (Google Map & Waze), land transport (Uber & Grab), accommodation (Agoda & Airbnb), recommended restaurants and attractions (TripAdvisor) and air transport (Malindo)).
  2. Activ (Users earn rewards and discounts from major retailers for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle with over 5,100 offline and online redemption touch points).
  3. Marketplace (A premium e-Commerce platform with over 5,000 products/services (gym memberships, health screening, dental, vaccination, wearable devices etc.).
  4. Tele-Consult (Brings healthcare to users’ fingertips, especially for mental health and second opinions).
  5. Health Coaching (Users can reach out to BookDoc’s team of nutritionists and dietitians to seek nutritional and weight management advice).
  6. Employee Benefits (A seamless, automated and cashless platform for employers to administer their employee benefits).
  7. News/Events (Users can access the latest medical & health information and events (talks, marathons etc.), made available by the Monthly Index of Medical Specialties (MIMS) and healthcare experts).

For more information, the BookDoc App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Huawei Play Store, and is accessible online at

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