Bridging The Gap: Smart City Tech And Valuable Heritage Assets

MX3D Queen Maxima
Photo courtesy of Through The Interface

For the last few weeks we’ve been talking about downtown regeneration schemes and heritage assets. Think City’s Matt Benson touched on the issue of tech companies and smart cities initiatives; one of the hopes for Think City’s downtown KL grants project is to integrate more smart technologies and attract more tech-oriented companies to the district. And on our last show, REXKL’s Shin Tseng spoke about the integration of Big Data into REXKL in the form of a cashless hub, with the information to be pooled amongst all the stakeholders in the project. 

Smart city projects and historic architecture are often seen as anathema to one another. But it needn’t be either-or when it comes to heritage and technology. This week we take a look at a newly installed 3D printed smart bridge in historic Amsterdam that is proving how smart design, smart construction and smart functionality can enrich and enhance heritage assets.