CES 2021 PenguinSmart's intelligent and individualized rehab therapy helps children improve speech and language delays

TAIPEI, Jan. 13, 2021, /PRNewswire/ — Globally, there are one in six children experiencing developmental delays. To minimize the impact developmental delays have on the child’s life, it is best to detect and correct the delays before the child is 6 years old. PenguinSmart is a digital healthcare startup that enables intelligent, individualized rehab therapy for all. Founded by Harvard & MIT alumni, their team combines the latest data sciences with expert insights to empower caregivers to become a key part of the rehab journey.

Currently, there are not enough rehab professionals to meet the need because rehab therapy requires intensive and customized care. Combined with the fact that children’s developmental delay is a time-sensitive problem, many children are not receiving adequate care. Take speech and language therapy for example, one of the most commonly needed types of therapies. In the US alone, the gap for certified speech therapists is twenty thousand therapists, translating to roughly four out of five children not receiving care.

Building a positive cycle for children’s healthcare

PenguinSmart’s digital health solution helps families quickly screen and detect if their children face developmental delays, gives parents clinical-level analytical results with practical expert feedback, and provides home-based intervention support services that enable parents and caregivers to become a key part of the rehab journey. First, their voice-based speech detection can identify speech and language delays in children in just 2 minutes. Their patent-pending screener only needs a voice recording of the child and is able to differentiate normal development versus delayed development. Traditionally this process takes over 24 hours of voice recording. Second, their award-winning digital evaluations give parents clinical-level results. Last, their online home intervention support services with licensed speech therapists allow parents to follow specialized learning plans for their children to improve their speech and language delays.

With their family-led intervention model for developmental rehabilitation, PenguinSmart’s total solution gives time back to families and allows therapists to see many more patients. In fact, with PenguinSmart, therapists oversee eight times as many patients, and families save 20+ hours of commute and wait time. Best of all, children are getting effective intervention 7 days a week and improving at a rapid rate. One parent using PenguinSmart’s service was overjoyed when she heard her child say, "Thank you mommy" for the very first time. PenguinSmart currently serves families in over 17 cities globally, and has collaborations and partnerships with marquee academic and clinical institutes.

A team with big dreams

Their team is composed of experts in public health, rehabilitation care, and speech and language therapy. Amy Kwok, the Co-Founder and CEO, is a medical doctor who specializes in Public Health and was trained at Harvard and Peking University. This is currently her fourth healthcare startup. Her Co-Founder, Matt Kowk, is a former strategy consultant from MIT with global product management and product marketing experience at Microsoft and VMware.

PenguinSmart also has a strong board of advisors and investors, including many leaders in speech and language therapy, seasoned executives in health and education, and Silicon Valley technologists. PengiunSmart has been accelerated and invested in by Alchemist Accelerator, BE Health Ventures, and SparkLabs Taipei and because of their huge positive impact on the lives of many children, they have been chosen as one of the 100 featured startups to attend CES 2021 by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA).  Their Taiwan office is also based out of TTA.

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Source: CES 2021 PenguinSmart's intelligent and individualized rehab therapy helps children improve speech and language delays