"Chain Chain" Connects Taiwan's Design Power at Bangkok Design Week 2023

TAIPEI, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — One of the world’s most renowned design weeks, this year’s Bangkok Design Week is themed "urban’NICE’zation" and opens from February 4 to 12 in Bangkok, guiding people to weave through the city’s streets through design and art. With invitation from Creative Economy Agency, Thailand (CEA), the organizer, Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI) participates in Bangkok Design Week with thematic showcase "Chain Chain" curated by Shikai Tseng, which gathers state-owned enterprises, private brands, designer works, and international collaborations, to respond to the event’s annual theme, using industry chain as the metaphor of the link between Taiwan and the world, and looks forward to strengthen cross-regional collaborative chain between Taiwan and Thailand through this exhibition.

“Chain Chain” Connects Taiwan’s Design Power at Bangkok Design Week 2023
“Chain Chain” Connects Taiwan’s Design Power at Bangkok Design Week 2023

The exhibition features nine Taiwanese design brands, including Carrefour Impact Stores launched by the retailor in 2020, which cooperates with Taiyen Biotech to develop own-brand circular shower and bath products; TPCreative’s circular coasters made from wastes of electricity equipment; "CRYSTIN" by W Glass Project that displays the beauty of glass through recycling technology; the "Hibāng Circular Glasses" produced by duolog design using the recycled nylon from Taiwan’s fishing nets; Miniwiz’s multifunctional speaker of recycled and reproduced materials using the waste recycling system, "TRASHPRESSO"; and Acer’s most eco-friendly Vero series of products. All the above-mentioned brands have infused the idea of sustainability with own brand spirit and product manufacturing.

Moreover, Unilever’s "re-ling Tabouret cannelé,"picupi’s EcoCal Laundry Detergent that won Golden Pin Design Award Best Design of the Year, and shampoo bottles presented by O’right, all use 100% recycled plastic and green packaging that are fully recyclable, reusable and degradable, exhibiting Taiwan’s application of the circular philosophy in all aspects and innovative designs that use recycled materials.

What TDRI emphasizes is not the circular chain built by a single brand, but the collaborative chain across industries and regions. TDRI looks to exchange with Thailand Taiwan’s experience and deepen our industrial, governmental, and academic collaborations through design, creating new connections, and realize the philosophy of circular design in daily life, further propelling the development of circular economy.

#Exhibition Information

TIME|2023.2.4 (SAT.)-2.12 (SUN.)
LOCATION|Thailand Creative & Design Center
Official Organizer│Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA

Executive Organizer│Taiwan Design Research Institute

Exhibitors│ACER Incorporated, Carrefour Impact, DOT design x Unilever, Duolog Design, Miniwiz, O’right, Picupi, TPCreative, W Glass Project x Hsiang Han Design

Source: "Chain Chain" Connects Taiwan's Design Power at Bangkok Design Week 2023