China-Chic Art Exhibition Flourishing Recall of Tang Dynasty opens at Xi'an IMIX PARK

Shaanxi History Museum and world-renowned artist Suzan Drummen use tens of thousands of crystals to awaken the spatial and temporal memory of the ancient East

XI’AN, China, Feb. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — China-Chic Art Exhibition Flourishing Recall of Tang Dynasty, a cultural event that has been under preparation for half a year, opened at Xi’an IMIX PARK on February 12, just three days ahead of the traditional Chinese festival Lantern Festival. The opening ceremony started with the whirling and ethereal ni shang yu yi dance from the court of the Tang Dynasty. Honored guests, including Shaanxi History Museum deputy director Wei Chengguang, Netherlands Consulate General in Chongqing Huub Buise and his wife Mafalda Soares Nunes as well as Xi’an IMIX PARK executive general manager Li Nanying, attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon for the event. The public is invited to use the gold and silver objects unearthed at Hejia Village as the blueprint for the creation of imaginative art installations using a variety of materials.

Art exhibition by artist Suzan Drummen and Shaanxi History Museum Launched in Xi'an
Art exhibition by artist Suzan Drummen and Shaanxi History Museum Launched in Xi’an

Flourishing Recall of Tang Dynasty is an important work and piece of intellectual property created by Shaanxi History Museum since 2018. The work aims to show the magnificence of the heyday of the Tang Dynasty by including elements of the cultural relics found at Hejia Village as the core. The gold and silver objects excavated in 1970 in a suburb on the south side of Xi’an are not only an exquisite and magnificent find, but also reflect the technological level, artistic achievements, and spiritual outlook during the dynastic period. All aspects of Tang Dynasty society are reflected in the cultural finds, such as the elegant style of the times, the diversification of the culture, the colorful aristocratic life, and the superb craftsmanship, all of which perfectly fit the artistic conception of Flowers dance to welcome the Spring of Tang Dynasty.

Xi’an IMIX PARK, Shaanxi History Museum and Suzan Drummen, a world-renowned installation artist whose work was on display in Amsterdam’s Royal Palace, seek to bring people closer to each other through this effort.

The exhibition brings together two groups of exhibits that highlight salient features of both ancient and modern times: the 16 restored Tang Dynasty relics discovered at Hejia Village surround a large crystal art installation in the center of the exhibition area. The overall exhibition is based on a silver scented capsule with a grape and flower bird motif, designed by refining its hollowed-out pattern elements. In addition, the walls are adorned with the lotus petal pattern elements on the gold and silver objects excavated at the site.

Suzan Drummen is good at abstract expression. With crystal as the medium of her artistic creation, she converted the modeling of the phoenix into abstract curves which are extended and repeated. The curves are composed of crystals, and the dazzling curves of different colors overlay each other to give the work a rhythmic feel. The infinite reflection of the crystal and the mirror spheres travel through time and space and memory. The artist hopes to express her yearning for the rich culture of the Tang Dynasty and respect for the exquisite art form through this rare opportunity of collaboration, and to integrate history into our present life by means of contemporary art.

The exhibition will run until March 20. Xi’an IMIX PARK, where the exhibition is held, is conveniently located in the city’s Weiyang district, an area known for economic development and robust business activity. With a 100,000 sqm commercial area and a 20,000+ sqm outdoor music venue and roof garden, the project is meant for people who would like to have fun together and aims to deliver on that promise by creating a gathering area for "have fun" young people.

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Source: China-Chic Art Exhibition Flourishing Recall of Tang Dynasty opens at Xi'an IMIX PARK