China to step up conservation, research of cultural heritage

BEIJING, Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from China SCIO about China’s plans on cultural heritage conservation for the next five years (2021-2025):


China is set to release the 14th five-year plan for cultural heritage conservation and related technological innovation, which has been upgraded to the national level for the first time. An official outlined five key areas of cultural heritage protection in the plan during a press conference on Nov. 3.

First, stepping up archaeological research on ancient historical sites and tombs, and implementing the system of archaeological research prior to land reserve.

Second, better protecting cultural relics and historical sites to improve their conditions, and coordinating the conservation and urban and rural development.

Third, better managing and making use of revolutionary cultural relics on the basis of good protection, so as to give better play to their important roles.

Fourth, further spurring the vitality of reform and development in regard to museums, cultivating 10 to 15 world-class museums that represent Chinese characteristics and take the lead in their fields, and consolidating the protection and management of museum collections.

Fifth, prioritizing social benefits when managing cultural relics in private collections, enhancing technological support for identifying cultural relics, improving the management of cultural relics during customs entry and exit, and stepping up retrieval of cultural relics that were lost overseas.

Official: China to step up conservation, research of cultural heritage

Source: China to step up conservation, research of cultural heritage