Chiping District, China: Fully Promoting Rural Cultural Revitalization

LIAOCHENG, China, Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from the Shandong Office of Hong Kong Business Daily. In recent years, Chiping District, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province has fully utilized methods such as moral evaluation meetings, red and white councils, village rules and regulations, and point systems to vigorously cultivate civilized rural customs, good family traditions, and simple folk customs, and continuously deepen rural ideological and moral construction.

They guided 62 new villages and 26 urban communities in the entire region to revise and improve the village (residential) conventions based on their actual situation, incorporating issues such as high priced dowries, grand ceremonies, and generous funerals into the village (residential) conventions for governance and restraint. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of village (residential) conventions, regard the standardization and improvement of village (residential) conventions as an important part of ecological civilization construction, rural revitalization and other work, and implement them as an effective means of strengthening grassroots social governance in specific work, educating and guiding the masses to jointly cultivate a civilized rural atmosphere.

In the work of Chiping District, emphasis is placed on discovering, cultivating, selecting and promoting advanced models, actively playing the exemplary and leading role of advanced models, fully utilizing the power of role models, and driving all the masses to actively participate in changing customs and traditions. Efforts should be made to achieve the "five leading roles" of cadres: taking the lead in frugal handling of marriage and funeral matters, taking the lead in eliminating outdated customs, establishing civilized customs, participating in training on customs and traditions, promoting customs and traditions, and effectively enhancing the appeal of customs and traditions work. Play a leading role in demonstrating advanced models. Utilize the three-level civilization practice platform and various public cultural facilities to carry out "moral model" tours and strengthen the promotion of family ethics and education. At the same time, we should pay attention to playing the role of role models, continuously summarize and excavate advanced models of changing customs, and educate and guide cadres and the masses with people and things around us.

Source: Chiping District, China: Fully Promoting Rural Cultural Revitalization