Concert of World Great Rivers 2021 opens in China's Chongqing Wanzhou

CHONGQING, China, Oct. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As songs are sung along the great Yangtze River, global audience can share the touching moment.

As one of the highlights of the China’s economic and trade fair of paired-up assistance for the Three Gorges Reservoir area, the Concert of World Great Rivers 2021 opened on Thursday evening in southwest China’s Chongqing Wanzhou along the Yangtze River, the third largest river in the world, according to the Publicity Department of Wanzhou District, Chongqing Municipality.

The concert is divided into four movements, namely, the source of rivers, the symphony of life, the passionate flow, and the joint construction of a shared homeland. Singers from Russian, Italian and other countries in the world’s great river basins, performance teams from paired-up assistance provinces and cities and artists performed together with Wanzhou local performance troupe.

Wanzhou, an ancient city with a history of 1,800 years, was reborn thanks to the Three Gorges Project. The construction of the new city of immigrants has rapidly expanded the urban layout. Wanzhou Yangtze River Bridge, the Second Yangtze River Bridge, Nanbin Road and Beibin Avenue have created a 25-km inner ring for the city, which has become a waterfront leisure region.

If you are a marathon, cycling, rowing, swimming, photography and tourism enthusiast, please come to this city. No buildings are seen outside the whole riverside lake belt, and the waterfront platform and trails are also in the open air and near the river, with a 180-degree river view everywhere. With nine surrounding hills and the Yangtze River passing through, the city lives in harmony with the mountains, the rivers and the bridges. It is quite an experience to enjoy sports, leisure, photography and play here.

In 2016, Wanzhou’s lake view was rated as one of the top 10 new tourism landscapes in the Three Gorges. In recent years, Wanzhou has made great efforts to create a city ring with 16 scenic views including Ferry Port, Egret Bay, Seventeen Wharf, Music Square, Sanshengyuan Gallery in Pinghu tourist area of the Three Gorges. With the completion or upgrading of landscapes the area is developing at a solid pace.

Thousands of miles above the river, the once high-pitched and exciting Chuanjiang boatman’s songs are nowhere to be heard. Nowadays, Wanzhou is singing an aria of slow life in the city, and the old streets in the city alleys have got facelifts thanks to urban development and image promotion campaigns. Green stone slabs, Castanopsis fargesii trees, ancient roadways, old photos, veteran craftsmen, folk proverbs and wall painting graffiti abound in the city.

In autumn, Wanzhou embraces the richest colors of the year. On both sides of the Yangtze River, tens of thousands of mu of ancient orange are dotted, presenting a bumper harvest. Millions of bougainvillea trees around the river flourish, inlaying the city with colorful ribbons of flowers. Along with the Three Gorges Dam, the Zhongshan Fir in the water-level-fluctuation zone have been submerged for the most part, and gradually become a colorful forest in water. Last year, the Yangtze River rolled out a ten-year fishing ban, leading to more fish breeding. The Three Gorges Reservoir area has become a paradise for migratory birds, with egrets and gull flying in groups over the river.

Come to Wanzhou, boat on the river, enjoy different lights, and sing a song to enjoy a relaxing trip.

Source: Concert of World Great Rivers 2021 opens in China's Chongqing Wanzhou