Cosentino Launches New Series For Quartz Brand, Silestone Loft

The industrial-inspired series makes its debut along with new technology, HybriQ+

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Oct. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The world leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, Cosentino launches their new collection, Silestone® Loft. As Cosentino’s quartz surface brand, Silestone® is stain, acid, shock and scratch resistant, thus providing outstanding durability and resistance for easy maintenance for consumers’ peace of mind.

Silestone® Nolita is a New York inspired creation.
Silestone® Nolita is a New York inspired creation.

The Silestone® Loft series represents five iconic neighbourhoods with a distinctive history and industrial aesthetic reflected in their streets, buildings, urban furniture and interior decoration:

Silestone® Camden is inspired by one of London’s most influential alternative neighbourhoods. The cement grey colour is versatile and adaptable, making it easy to incorporate with any decoration thanks to its homogeneity.

Silestone® Poblenou is inspired by the epicentre of the industrial revolution in Barcelona. It’s a warm shade of grey with very subtle veining on its surface and a sandy background that brings brightness and offers a comforting texture and familiar ambiance.

Silestone® Seaport reminds us of the small seaside district in southeastern Manhattan. Silestone® Seaport is very similar to dark, worn cement, and its striking white shades blend in perfectly with the background.

Silestone® Nolita is another New York inspired creation. Cold and industrial, Nolita is blended with shades of whites and light greys, creating an elegant, fine line, free of strong contrasts.

Silestone® Corktown has been inspired by the light and shade of a Detroit neighbourhood. Its dark background blends beautifully with intense brown touches and an extra matte finish.

One of the significant new features of Silestone® Loft is the use, for the first time, of the innovative and exclusive HybriQ+ technology. Thanks to this innovative process, reused raw materials, such as recycled glass, are used in the manufacture of Silestone® Loft while maintaining the quality and beauty of Silestone®, as well as its 25-year warranty. In addition to this, Cosentino’s production process is carried out by employing 98% recycled water and 100% renewable energy.

The introduction of new minerals and recycled raw materials provides Cosentino with the possibility of creating new effects in the final finish of Silestone® materials, and will be progressively introduced in the upcoming Silestone® colours with HybriQ+ technology.

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Source: Cosentino Launches New Series For Quartz Brand, Silestone Loft