Danke Launches New Design Standard With Apartment 5.0

BEIJING, Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Phoenix Tree Holdings Limited ("Danke" or the "Company") (NYSE: DNK), one of the largest co-living platforms in China with the fastest growth, introduced Danke Apartment 5.0, a new set of standardized interior design styles for its apartments that offer a more refined, stylish, functional, comfortable, safe, and eco-friendly living environment for residents.

With the goal of providing a better home for each resident, new Danke apartments will follow the upgraded designs in terms of layout, furniture colors, and other interior details to meet the needs of residents for functionality, comfort, safety, and personalization. By incorporating suggestions collected from Danke residents, and continuing the characteristics of past design styles, Danke Apartment 5.0 provides six different interior design styles to offer residents more stylish and comfortable apartments.

In terms of color, Danke Apartment 5.0 adopts the Morandi color palette in six subdued and muted color scheme options. The Morandi color palette originated with Italian painter Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964), who was famous for his still life paintings in subtle tonal colors. Danke selects different wallpaper colors to match the orientation of each apartment, to provide balanced and consistent lighting in every room, and to create a comfortable and calming space. For furniture and decorations, all items are chosen with the wall color palette in mind, to create a harmonious interior design.

Danke’s pursuit of living quality focuses on functionality. Addressing requests for larger storage space raised by residents in their feedback, the Danke Apartment 5.0 series incorporates many practical designs to maximize space. For example, the new design aims to create more storage space in bedrooms by adding additional shelves above wardrobes and desks. There is also a shared two-tier storage rack in the living room, to both rationally divide the common area and to meet each resident’s storage needs in shared spaces. Moreover, grey curtains in bedrooms block external light and ensure a good night’s sleep for residents.

Safety and environmental protection are high priorities in Danke’s design philosophy. All apartments feature wood-based panels with an E0 grade for formaldehyde emissions, which requires formaldehyde emissions of no more than 0.5 mg/L. It is one of the strictest formaldehyde emission standards both in China and internationally for wood-based panels. Selected apartments also adopt an intelligent ventilation system to further improve indoor air quality. Danke Apartment 5.0 also uses Stone Polymer Composite flooring, which is eco-friendly, sustainable, durable and waterproof. The material is sound absorbing, fire retardant, anti-slip, as well as moisture and mold resistant to achieve a safe and healthy environment. Furniture details such as softer beveled edges on tables and beds put resident safety first.

By combining aesthetics and functionality, Danke Apartment 5.0 brings a more stylish, comfortable living environment, while enhancing the living quality and safety of Danke residents. Danke Apartment 5.0 will be applied to newly sourced apartments in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

As a leading co-living platform in China, Danke pioneered an innovative ”new rental” business model, which features centralization, standardization and an online experience to address the numerous pain points of both individual property owners and renters. Founded in 2015, Danke now operates in 13 major cities around the country and provides its young and well-educated residents with affordable, comfortable and stylish apartments.


Danke, one of the largest co-living platforms in China with the fastest growth, is redefining the residential rental market through technology and aims to help people live better. Empowered by data, technology, and a large-scale apartment network, Danke’s vibrant and expanding ecosystem connects and benefits property owners, residents, and third-party service providers, and delivers quality and best-in-class services through an innovative "new rental" business model featuring centralization, standardization, and a seamless online experience. Danke was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Beijing, China. For more information, please visit ir.danke.com.


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Source: Danke Launches New Design Standard With Apartment 5.0