Delta Provides Mori Art Museum in Japan with Advanced 8K Projection Technology to Showcase Artwork Created with AI

TOKYO, Nov. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Delta Electronics announced its cooperation with the renowned Japanese art museum, Mori Art Museum, to provide Delta’s leading 8K projection technology to showcase "Deep Meditation", an audio-visual artwork created by the artist Memo Akten with deep learning artificial intelligence (AI). The museum unveiled the artwork at its "Future and the Arts" exhibition. Visitors from all over the world can experience the spectacular visuals of the 280-inch large screen through unique 8K projection technology that displays exquisitely refined detail at 33 million pixel ultra-high resolution, as well as enjoy the artwork’s beautiful images automatically generated by AI learning using abstract human concepts such as "life", "love", "truth", and more. The stunning visual experience is a perfect combination of cutting-edge imaging technology and future art.

Mr. Bruce Cheng, founder of Delta Group, said, "Delta leads in innovative 8K projection technology. Our 8K projectors can display bright saturated colors through large-size projections with ultra-clear images 16 times better than the average HD image quality, no matter if it projects traditional or modern artwork. This time we have cooperated with Mori Art Museum to provide Delta’s 8K technology to highlight the beauty of future art and authentically convey the artist’s aesthetic philosophy. We look forward to sharing the ultimate visual experience of 8K projections and this fusion of technology and humanities with the visiting public."

A Mori Art Museum spokesman stated that 8K technology is the industry’s most advanced visual platform, and described the theme of the exhibition, "These artworks help us think about the way society and people are influenced by artistic expression and state-of-the-art technology. We are very happy that we can share the worldview expressed in Mr. Memo Akten’s artwork with our visitors."

Mr. C.H. Ko, executive director of Delta Electronics (Japan), said, "Delta is dedicated to promoting innovative applications of 8K projection technology. Recently we have successfully made 8K live broadcasts of important international sports events and national traditional theatrical performances. Through fascinatingly clear visual imagery, the audience feels closer to the stage details than if they were actually on the scene. Our 8K projectors have been used for movie theaters, theme parks, planetariums, and various other events, as well as for use in medical and scientific fields that require high resolution, or for industrial uses such as simulations during product development. The Delta Electronics Foundation has also cooperated with NHK Enterprises on the 8K environmental documentary ‘Water with Life’, which debuted at our 8K projection showroom in Akihabara this year and was also broadcasted through the NHK BS 8K satellite channel in Japan. We are proud that the high-definition images and high-intensity projection of our products can be applied to artistic expression that goes beyond the framework of conventional image expression and allows viewers to experience the spectacular and refined beauty of 8K large screen projection."

Mori Art Museum’s "Future and the Arts" exhibition features more than 100 works by artists from all over the world. Among them, the artist Mr. Memo Akten focuses on integrating AI into the creation of his art, using AI deep learning in the artistic expression of abstract human concepts such as "life", "love", "loyalty", "truth", and "beauty". Based on this learning, the AI automatically generates images and creates his hour-long "Deep Meditation" audio-visual works. Debuted at the "Future and the Arts" exhibition, this creative work applies the 25,000 lumens DLP® 8K projector Digital Projection INSIGHT Laser 8K co-developed by Delta and Digital Projection International Ltd, an associate company of Delta, with a high resolution of 33 million pixels that projects onto a 280-inch large screen. This striking combination of 8K and AI advanced technology readily captures the attention and the imagination of museum visitors.

"Future and the Arts: AI, Robotics, Cities, Life – How Humanity Will Live Tomorrow" showcases over 100 projects/works. The exhibition aims to encourage people to contemplate cities, environmental issues, human lifestyles and the likely state of human beings as well as human society, all in the imminent future, via the influence of cutting-edge developments in science and technology including AI, biotechnology, and robotics, plus art, design, and architecture. Media and guests are welcome to visit the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo (53F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower) from November 19, 2019 to March 29, 2020 to experience the beauty of Delta’s 8K projection technology and future arts. For more information, please visit:

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