DORCO Announces R&D Achievements for its Upcoming Product, Bamboo Hybrid Razor

  • The handle is made of FSC-certified bamboo, one of the most well-known sustainable materials.
  • Bamboo Hybrid Razor uses 59% less plastic than DORCO’s three-blade disposable plastic razor by adopting a bamboo handle, a PCR connector and replaceable cartridge.

SEOUL, South Korea, April 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — DORCO, a trusted razor brand with over 65 years of heritage, announced its R&D achievements related to Bamboo Hybrid Razor, which is scheduled for release later this year. Amid tightening regulations on plastic use, Bamboo Hybrid Razor was developed in response to the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector’s shift from plastics toward recyclable materials.

Bamboo Hybrid Razor by DORCO
Bamboo Hybrid Razor by DORCO

Bamboo Hybrid Razor is a sustainable product designed to reduce plastic waste from disposable razors. It consists of bamboo for the handle, cartridge, post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials for the connector, and fully recyclable paper for product packaging. Bamboo Hybrid Razor also has a unique detachable structure that makes it easier to reuse the handle by separating the cartridge, the connector and the handle. 

Bamboo handle minimizing the risks of deforestation   

Bamboo Hybrid Razor’s handle is made of 100% natural bamboo, which grows up to 30cm in one day, making it a sustainable option that can be collected without causing deforestation. Bamboo materials used for DORCO’s hybrid products are carefully selected and FSC(Forest Stewardship Council)-certified. Moreover, the bamboo handle is incredibly durable and can be used up to five months based on up to 2 weeks of use per blade*. Notably, the logo on the handle is engraved with laser to avoid the use of chemical coating and ink.

* 1 handle + 8 blades in a bundle; 2+ weeks of use per blade

A hybrid razor incorporated with DORCO’s core technology

Bamboo Hybrid Razor’s connector is environmentally designed with 97% of the product from recycled material. The handle, connector, and cartridge are all detachable, making it easier to reuse the handle. Bamboo Hybrid Razor’s open-flow cartridge lets hair stubbles and foam rinse away more easily for a more hygienic shaving experience. The lubricating strips enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera helps the razor glide to ensure a smooth shave. The rubber guard bar also delivers a closer and softer shave, and the cartridge with a pivoting head allows the razor to better follow the contours of the face for a clean shave.    

Fully recyclable FSC-certified paper packaging

DORCO has been conducting R&D on packaging materials and methods for sustainable shaving. Bamboo Hybrid Razor takes a step further by adopting a fully recyclable FSC-certified cardboard packaging* to dramatically reduce plastic usage. As a result, Bamboo Hybrid Razor uses 59% less plastic than DORCO’s three-blade disposable plastic razor*. Going forward, DORCO plans to roll out fully recyclable packaging across product lines. Indeed, DORCO has already been supplying all-paper-packaged products in some markets.

Meanwhile, DORCO has already halved the plastic content in the packaging by changing the design from a clamshell double blister to single blister packaging.

* 100% paper packaging, plastic dispenser

* The comparison is with TRC200 (8 pcs), excluding packaging materials.    

All-out efforts for the best shaving experience

DORCO has made extensive investments in both time and manpower to develop bamboo hybrid products. A total of five researchers were assigned for the development of prototypes and volume production technologies, and it took approximately 300 days to take the product from the initial concept stage to the package design. DORCO has made all-out efforts to deliver a product satisfies performance and environmental perspectives. With an unwavering commitment to the highest quality, DORCO tested approximately 3,300 samples to find the most optimal bamboo material and conducted 222 kinds of screening tests to detect harmful substances such as carcinogenic heavy metals and SVHCs (Substance of Very High Concern).

"(The new product) highlights DORCO’s longstanding efforts to realize sustainable management by taking environmental impacts into consideration at every step from product development to production and distribution," said DORCO representative. "DORCO will remain committed to making investments and efforts to deliver environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles as a responsible member of the international community."

Meanwhile, in order to secure independent intellectual property rights related to Bamboo Hybrid Razor, a number of patents and design applications are in progress not only in Korea but also in countries around the world.


Founded in 1955, DORCO, a Korea-based company, has been leading the shaving industry for over 65 years, delivering the most premium shaving experience to millions of customers worldwide in over 130 countries. Boasting the world’s first six blade razor with curved blades, ergonomically designed handles, and a common docking system, DORCO continues to lead the way with core shaving technologies. DORCO’s in-house experts and engineers are constantly committed to putting best efforts into providing customers and partners a perfect new start every day.

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