KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia, Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 14 finalists, hailing from every corner of Malaysia, have converged upon the scenic backdrop of Sabah to participate in Miss World Malaysia 2023, a national competition that transcends traditional boundaries. More than just a showcase of physical beauty, these remarkable individuals are dedicated advocates of change, standing up to uplift disadvantaged families, empower vulnerable communities, and provide care and compassion to those in need.

The Miss World Malaysia 2023 Beauty Festival emphasizes the "Beauty with a Purpose" mission, highlighting that true beauty goes beyond surface appearances and is evident in meaningful efforts to better the lives of the underprivileged. The endorsement by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Environment Sabah amplifies the event’s significance in promoting positive social change.

At the heart of this initiative lies a collaborative effort. The Miss World Malaysia Organization, in partnership with organizations such as Yayasan Nur Jauhar, Sabah Thalassaemia Society, and the Palliative Care Association, has embarked on a mission of philanthropy. The event is committed to bringing relief and comfort to those facing adversity. Additionally, the organizing team commits to granting the wishlists written by children battling cancer, aiming to boost their morale.

Dr. Sean Wong PBM, CEO of HyperLive Entertainment and the National Director of Miss World Malaysia, along with the Eric Goh, Managing Director of Fantastic Golden and Bernard Chow, Business Development Director of Fantastic Golden, have displayed an unwavering commitment to community service. Dr Wong said, "As we come together to illuminate lives, uplift spirits, and inspire change, let us cherish Sabah’s warm hospitality, its rich heritage, and its boundless opportunities. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment Sabah and all those who have made this event possible. Let us stand united in our commitment to beauty, compassion, and the betterment of society."

Goh said, "the esteemed presence of Julia Morley CBE, Chairman and CEO of the Miss World Organization, and reigning Miss World 2022 Karolina Bielawska during our upcoming Miss World Malaysia 2023 events, is a testament to their genuine affection for Sabah and our people. Their experiences on this journey are poised to inspire a broader embrace of compassion among all participants."

The journey ahead for these finalists transcends the pursuit of a mere title; it is about immersing themselves in Sabah’s rich culture and breathtaking landscapes. From the pristine Mantanani Island to the heart of Sabah’s heritage, these finalists will showcase the unique facets that make Malaysia’s land so enchanting.

Calling upon business leaders and association heads to join this pivotal movement, the Miss World Malaysia 2023 Grand Coronation Night on August 25th, followed by the Charity Gala and Awards Dinner on August 26th, invite active participation in these events that signify positive change.

The spotlight is set on 14 remarkable finalists who have emerged as the frontrunners in this highly anticipated and prestigious competition, set to shine on August 25th as the prestigious Sabah International Convention Centre plays host to the Grand Finals of Miss World Malaysia

2023. This occasion will not only crown a deserving winner but also an ambassador of beauty with a purpose.

The finalists include Adlyn Jayne Andrew from Selangor, Ellesha Meschille from Sabah, Lyna Tan from Selangor, Maria Misha from Sarawak, Natalie Ang from Penang, Priya DK from Selangor, Rebecca Shalom from Johor, Saroop Roshi from Perak, Shu Wen Chai from Sabah, Sisnitha from Penang, Soen Tan from Sabah, Vaishanavi from Selangor, Xiao Zi from Pahang, and Yvete Jace from Sabah.

WSG Group, Airworld Travel & Tours, De Glamz Academy, and Regas Premium Sabah are co-presenters. Key supporters comprise FTAG Group, Belive Technology, Nova Esports, N Hyper Esports, Team Salty, Cynosure, Universal Music Malaysia, Beam Artistes, KK Yacht, B Project, One Take Makers, Calvin Cheng, and Lee Color Advertising Company. The Sabah International Convention Centre is the official event venue partner. CERES Jewels holds the role of official jewelry partner, iQIYI is the official broadcast partner, and Winecellars is the official beverage partner. Sounds Tech is the official event production partner. LYC Healthcare, LYC Nutrihealth, and LYC Mother & Child Centre are official healthcare partners. Crab House and Snackie Snackie are official F&B partners. BL Dance is the official dance choreographer, while Amber Chia Academy is the official coaching partner. Jimmy Couture, Rozie Khan Couture, and Eric Hen Couture are official fashion designers. Official media partners encompass 616 Media, Miao in Sabah, MBPFC, Rentak Sejuta, Hype Pageantry, Breeze, Yamcha Time, Slay, and Pageant Chic.

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