EP Cube residential energy storage system unveiled at Key Energy in Italy

RIMINI, Italy, March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On March 22, the EP Cube residential energy storage system was unveiled at Key Energy in Italy, and its unique design aroused the interest of many audiences. Following Spain’s Genera in February, Key Energy is the second exhibition where EP Cube appears in Europe, which confirms the European market expansion strategy of EP Cube announced by Eternalplanet GM Andy Yin before.

EP Cube residential energy storage system
EP Cube residential energy storage system

EP Cube is an integrated residential energy storage system. The system integrates a hybrid inverter and modular lithium iron phosphate batteries, allowing users to manage energy production, consumption, and storage at home in a smart manner.

Different from traditional storage units in the form of a thick, heavy, and big ironmetal box, EP Cube is thin and compact, taking up less space. Its gray metal shell looks streamlined and stylish, making the product more appealing, and a perfect match for different home decor styles.

EP Cube integrates a hybrid inverter and supports DC and AC input, which is suitable for new and installed PV systems. Besides, with a stackable and modular storage design, the capacity of a single battery module is approximately equal to 3.3kWh, weighing 35kg. This design makes the product easy to transport and install. It is available in five sizes offering with capacities ranging from 6.6kWh- to 19.9kWh in total, which can meet various residential energy demands.

The operation and management of EP Cube is highly intelligent. It can connect to WiFi and Ethernet, allowing you to monitor your residence’s energy production, storage, and consumption of your residence remotely. When harsh weather is coming, EP Cube’s APP will remind you to store energy in advance.

As many regions in Europe are facing energy problems, more and more home owners are eager to seek more economical, reliable, and cleaner home energy solutions. EP Cube can make full use of energy stored from solar power, which can not only let users rely less on the grid, helping them to save electricity bills, but also effectively cut carbon emissions. EP Cube is one of the best solutions to realize home energy independence. With the continuous expansion of EP Cube in the European market, more and more people will enjoy the benefits it brings.

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Source: EP Cube residential energy storage system unveiled at Key Energy in Italy