Foreign Friends Experienced the Local Traditions for Chinese Mid-autumn Festival

WENZHOU, China, Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On the evening of the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, Chinese traditional Mid-autumn Festival, the Mid-autumn Festival Activity held by Cangnan Foreign Cultural Diffusion Centre as well as Zaoxi Full Moon Admiring Activity was successfully taken place in Cangnan Zaoxi Town.

On that evening, the Zaoxi Old Street saw the bustling scene of crowded visitors who were in the Hanfu with lanterns in different models such as the moon and the jade hare in their hands. The visitors felt the charm of Chinese traditional culture and experienced festival atmosphere as well as its historical deposits in various ways such as cruising the streets, clocking in different sites by taking photos, visiting landscapes and tasting local characteristic delicious foods, all of which demonstrated a full sense of ceremony.

The activity has set different activity parts such as experiencing wearing the Song Dynasty Hanfu, feeling intangible cultural heritage, suspending wish cards, taking part in the moon-worshipping ceremony as well as the activity of visiting "the old street under the moon" and tasting teas and delicious foods. Inside the Changtai Academy, in the reading and sharing session, under the theme of "Forever Mid-autumn Festival, Eternal Family Affection", people read books together and shared mid-autumn themed poems and stories. In the Old Street, visitors had immersive experiences, in a short range, of the performances of inheritors of the intangible cultural heritages such as Marionette, the Glutinous Rice Sculpture, Sugar Painting, the Sugar Figure Blowing Art, Crochet Hook Embroidery. On the moon-worshipping ceremony, people surrounded the fete table with lightened red candles on it, and expressed their wonderful wishes of the Luna blessing them. Under the big banyan tree, on the special concert of folk songs, county sages and members of chamber of commerce were invited to talk freely about the development of Zaoxi Town, while tasting teas, worshipping the moon, talking about common wealth as well as listening to folk songs. The abundant activities and thoughtful arrangements put international friends, overseas Chinese, visitors from all other parts of the country and local residents together, and gave them an enjoyable flowing feast of Mid-autumn Festival.

Source: Foreign Friends Experienced the Local Traditions for Chinese Mid-autumn Festival