GA Forum & Global Cultural Awards by GO ART was held at International House of Japan

TOKYO, Nov. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — GO ART was delighted to present the 2019 GA Forum & Global Cultural Awards in Tokyo on November 11th. The fourth instalment of the global forum followed the successful discussion on "Synergy between Art and Real Estate" in New York, "Synergy between Architecture and Architecture" in Venice and "Contemporary Urban Culture Sustainability Development" in Tokyo.

The forum explored the "Contemporary Value and Sustainable Development of Traditional Culture" in every aspect of contemporary living, discussed the establishment of a global platform which integrates traditional culture with new materials, technologies and methods of communications. GO ART is the first company in its field in China to incorporate a globally-inclusive creative art platform with real estate, corporations and commercial brands.

With an extensive experience that spans over 10 years in the fields of art research, curatorship and consulting, GO ART is supported by a team of experts in art, architecture, graphic and exhibit design and project management. Headquartered in New York with offices in Shanghai and Suzhou, GO ART provides integrated services in content design, consulting, and project management within diverse fields of art and culture. GO ART aims to supply sustainable tools to promote and share knowledge, shape vision and support projects on contemporary issues and build awareness.

Currently, GO ART is organizing numerous curatorial projects focused on the Classical Gardens of Suzhou, a group of gardens in Suzhou region in China. The Suzhou Gardens have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List and are acknowledged to be gardening masterpieces and peak of the development of Chinese garden art. The goal of GO ART’s Suzhou Garden project, called "Cultural Envoy, Beyond the Gardens", is to create a global platform to bring together diverse objects and experience created in crossover fields of art, design, interior design, architecture and fashion from around the globe to be presented on stage in various locations in Suzhou and online. This is an event that will transform Suzhou Gardens into a museum of design and art. In 2018, GO ART announced the "Cultural Envoy, Beyond the Gardens" plan, accompanied by a series of forums and panel discussions. The panelists included Didi Pei, son of famous architect I.M. Pei; Simon Collin, former dean at Parsons and Luca Molinari, curator of the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture. In 2019 GO ART has brought together three famous Chinese architects for an architecture exhibition inside the Master of Nets Garden which is considered to be the most internationally well-known example of all Suzhou Gardens. Astor Court, the Chinese Garden Court Yard inside the Metropolitan Museum, was modeled on the Peony Court inside the Master of Nets Garden. These three architects are Brian Zhang, Philip Yuan, and Tong Zhang. Each architect shows a commissioned installation inspired from the Suzhou gardens. The exhibition runs from October 28th to December 28th, 2019. In 2020, GO ART will officially launch the "Hi-Garden" platform focusing on the international garden contemporary art exhibition highlighting a variety of cultural and artistic contents including visual arts, animation-based games as well as music and films.

GO ART hosts numerous international activities such as the GA Forum & Global Cultural Awards, which aim to establish cultural exchange and cooperation among various institutions involving garden-lovers from around the world, striving to provide diversified clues for the study and exploration of the ancient arts sublimely manifested by the Classical Gardens of Suzhou. According to GO ART founders Gianna Guo, Apple Zhou and Nico Zhou, the forum is designed to protect world heritage sites while drawing attention to traditional garden culture and establishing a globally-inclusive creative platform "Hi-Garden." Forum panelists discuss developing contemporary projects with international influence across multiple dimensions based on the core value of traditional culture. The GA Awards, with 10 committee members as the jury, are awarded to projects which use modern ways to express the essence of Chinese traditional culture. The program of awards ceremony, talks and panel discussions brought together innovators, artists, designer and architects who adopt this principle in their practice, connoisseurship and collaboration in today’s global cultural environment. GO ART is launching a movement to encourage the culture of supporting art.

The forum was followed by the GA Awards ceremony for the international culture awards. Hangzhou "Dong Yuan De Xin CHINOISERIE MANSION" was awarded the title as "Global Collectible Luxury House Award" for their efforts in using the language of modern architecture to express the essence of Chinese traditional garden culture, creating a collectable humanistic architecture.

The forum panelists featured Balazs Bognar, architect and partner at Kengo Kuma and Associates; Yumiko Saito, art consultant and former director at Cy Twombly Foundation; Everett Kennedy Brown, photographic artist, cultural producer and expert on Japanese garden; and Hiroshi Egatitsu, cultural critic, DJ, lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts. The four panelists discussed how to activate, use and connect traditional culture with a modern lifestyle, while exploring its value embodiment and sustainable development under the concept of globalization. Guests engaged in discussions with the panelists, including Gianna Guo, Apple Zhou, and Dong Yuan Real Estate Hangzhou Manager Han Peng. A special thanks to Nachi Das.

Hangzhou "Dong Yuan De Xin CHINOISERIE MANSION" was awarded the title as "Global Collectible Luxury House Award"
Hangzhou "Dong Yuan De Xin CHINOISERIE MANSION" was awarded the title as "Global Collectible Luxury House Award"


GO ART Founders: Gianna Guo, Apple Zhou
GO ART Founders: Gianna Guo, Apple Zhou


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