Global Merchants Re-gathering in Chengdu for World Tourism Exchange China

HAIKOU, China, Oct. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — During the World Tourism Exchange China (WTE China) on the evening of October 23, the Chengdu Tourism Special Promotion Conference was held in Haikou Convention and Exhibition Center, which marked the official launch of the large-scale inbound tourism marketing event of "Global Merchants Re-gathering in Chengdu in 2019 for Building Chengdu into a World-famous Tourism City".

Global Merchants Re-gathering in Chengdu for Inbound Tourism Marketing Conference
Global Merchants Re-gathering in Chengdu for Inbound Tourism Marketing Conference

Outside the venue, Chengdu’s unique elements such as pandas, covered bowl tea, Sichuan opera costumes, and long-necked kettle tea art performances were electrifying on the spot; "Tianfu Culture Photo Exhibition" allowed guests to better understand Chengdu’s beautiful landscapes, splendid culture and fast-changing social development. At the "Tianfu Chengdu Cultural and Creative Exhibition", the series of products such as painted pandas, hats in the shape of panda’s ears, and Jinsha Culture and Creation, with unique Chengdu characteristics, have also garnered great popularity; the panda-man "Chengcheng" interacted with the guests on the spot while giving out souvenirs and Chengdu tourism brochures, and has attracted many guests vying for a photo with him.

Many travelling salesman representatives from North America and Europe attended the special promotion, including PATA, International Experiences Limited, Global Travel International, Women in Travel and Tourism, China Tours Hamburg, KP-Reisen Consult GmbH, etc.

At the event, staff of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism gave a vivid introduction to Chengdu’s incomparable profound culture and history, diverse cultural and tourism products, convenient transportation, boundless investment prospects, and open and inclusive urban characteristics. Especially the giant pandas, world heritage, Tianfu greenway, delicacies and other elements have garnered everyone’s attention. The event was followed by Sichuan Opera Face-changing performance, water sleeve performance, Sichuan style Guqin and other performances with Chengdu local characteristics won bursts of applause, winning great fanfare and popularity.

At the end of this promotion event, 38 high-quality travelling salesmen who participated in the World Tourism Exchange China (WTE China) were invited to Chengdu for a 6-day familiarization tour. They will visit Wide and Narrow Alleys, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Anren Ancient Town, Panda Base, Chuancais Museum, Jinsha Site Museum, Mount Qingcheng-Dujiangyan scenic spot and other places to have an in-depth experience of Chengdu’s leisure life, and rejoice in rich tourism products, wonderful nighttime economy and new greenway life.

In recent years, Chengdu has attached great importance to the development of inbound tourism. The first "Global Merchants Gathering in Chengdu" event in 2018 is an important measure to expand the inbound tourism market. This year’s activities focused more on key image planning and promotion and the construction of global tourism carriers, and vigorously introduced international brand tourism enterprise operators to form strategic partnerships and contribute to Chengdu’s development into a world-famous tourism city.

The reporter learned that the World Tourism Exchange China (WTE China) held in Haikou focused on China’s inbound tourism. With the key objective of promoting the growth of China’s inbound tourism, the Conference invited about 180 high-quality international merchants from North America, Europe and Australia to participate, who are overseas travel agencies or travel wholesalers that are selling or planning to sell Chinese travel products.

The Conference is an important opportunity for Chengdu to further consolidate and expand its inbound tourism market. Taking this opportunity and based on the successful hosting of the first "Global Merchants Gathering in Chengdu" event last year, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism launched the "2019 Global Merchants Gathering in Chengdu" marketing event at the right time, focusing on the European and American markets in the form of "in-depth forum + research and inspection" to carry out exchanges, interaction and transaction support, and strive to promote the long-term effect of industry exchange and interaction and Chengdu tourism products listing and trading.

The "Global Merchants Gathering in Chengdu" event aims to help Chengdu build a world-famous tourism city and a world famous cultural and creative city, promote the "going out" of culture and "bringing in" of tourism, and build a "Global Tourism Merchant Strategic Partnership System for Chengdu Inbound Tourism" by inviting global mainstream channels and well-known travelling salesman to participate in the exhibition in Chengdu and inspect Chengdu market, and by matchmaking, networking and signing of strategic cooperation agreements with local major traveling salesmen to further improve the development of Chengdu inbound tourism, promote the development of high-quality business consumption mode in Chengdu and optimize the structure of tourism sector in Chengdu.

During the event last year, nearly 200 international travelling salesmen made an in-depth inspection on Chengdu’s cultural tourism line products, and put forward many opinions and suggestions for Chengdu’s inbound tourism promotion. At the same time, the event also awarded 10 distinguished industry representatives from the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Italy and other countries the title of "Chengdu Tourism Global Promotion Ambassador". These personages cover the main outbound tourist market in Chengdu and the countries along the "Belt and Road", including industry leaders, travel experts, media representatives, online KOL, etc., who will continue to promote Chengdu in a global scale.

According to a personnel from Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism, the large-scale inbound tourism marketing activity of "Global Merchants Gathering in Chengdu" aims to develop more targeted overseas promotion programs by relying on overseas and outbound partners, and strive to help partners expand the local outbound tourism business to Chengdu to the greatest extent, promote the in-depth cooperation between partners and domestic high-quality large-scale tourism enterprises, and continuously expand Chengdu’s overseas and outbound publicity.

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