Glow Shenzhen 2022 OPEN CALL

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To further enhance the charm of Shenzhen and its international influence, promote the development of the nighttime economy, enrich nighttime cultural life, and create an world-class brand of light and shadow art and the capital of light and shadow, the Glow Shenzhen 2022 will be held from December 16, 2022 (Friday) to February 19, 2023 (Sunday).   

To strengthen the interactive relationship between light and shadow art and public space, encourage art practitioners and young artists from universities to widely participate in the creation of works, the Glow Shenzhen 2022 will uphold the principle of openness and inclusiveness, and open call from domestic and abroad.

Event Name

Glow Shenzhen 2022 OPEN CALL 

Event Framework

Organizer: Organizing Committee of Glow Shenzhen

Supporter: ASIA DATA GROUP/HUACAISHENGSHI (Shenzhen) Culture Technology Co., Ltd.


# Independent artists from home and abroad

# Teachers and students of fine arts colleges and universities

# Relevant art and design institutions, groups, enterprises and institutions

In order to actively explore the development of industry-academia-research activities of Glow Shenzhen, this event has set up a "Green Channel for Young Artists" to encourage the participation of students from colleges and universities. The work that has the highest scores by young artists from colleges and universities will directly get the opportunity to be exhibited in the event.

Requirements for works

  • Works for the competition shall fall into the category of light art, there being no limit to the form and style of expression (including but not limited to installation, sculpture, projection, media façade, immersible space, visual image, and so on).
  • Entries shall be created locally by means of artistic scenario, and participants shall ensure that the works to be placed on exhibition at home first or combined with local creation in Shenzhen (works for traveling exhibition or from secondary creation of the original works must be equipped with related instructions for the first-created or first exhibited), and for such entries it is to be promised not to have any legal dispute as to copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy, etc.
  • Works for the competition shall focus on artistry, interactivity, innovation, publicness and safety, and give full consideration to the aesthetics of light and shadow works during the day as well as its integration with people, environment and nature, so as to try not to damage the surrounding original infrastructure, and adapt to the outdoor environment for more than 3 months of exhibition.
  • If works for the competition have the function of urban furniture, they must not only meet the above conditions, but also give comprehensive consideration to the experience of the crowd, the use of the furniture and the service function of the furniture and the artistic expression of light and shadow requirements, with sturdiness, safety, installation and adaptation to the outdoor environment for more than 6 months.

Recruiting time and submitting way

(i) Recruiting time

From July 22, 2022 (Friday) to September 9, 2022 (Friday)

(ii) Content to be submitted

  • Application Form. Signed file(s) shall be submitted in .PDF.
  • Real Identity. In contributing, candidates/institutions must attach proof of identity (scanned copy of ID card/passport), or legal and valid documents such as business license or certificate of legal entity. As for students from  colleges and universities, a copy of their student ID card or an electronic student ID card shall be submitted additionally.
  • Design Instruction. Including the program name, design concept, work specifications, colors, production materials, dimensions, cost estimates (including but not limited to production, transportation, installation), etc.
  • Drawings. Including the intention statement diagram, renderings of the work, etc., all in the format of .jpeg, with resolution of 300dpi, drawn in A4 against white background, and indicated the color of each part in the electronic file. The author can also produce 3D animation video clips and other materials that help illustrate the design intent, with a resolution of 1920*1080p in MP4 format.
  • Miscellaneous. The relevant materials that candidates/institutions consider necessary to submit as supporting instructions.

For aforementioned materials, their electronic versions shall be provided.

(iii) Submitting way

Candidates/institutions can put into a folder (titled "Glow Shenzhen 2022 + name/institution + works name") the application form, identity proof, design instructions, drawings and other documents, with the same email title as the folder title, and send it to the official email of the Organizing Committee of Glow Shenzhen after compression:

There being no entry fees for the event. When registering, please leave your real name, contact number and email address, as well as any other matters that need to be specified for following contact.

Works Selection

In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the selection process, after receiving the works, the organizer shall sort and screen them to ensure that the submitted works meet the requirements of the collection. After finishing the sorting and screening, the organizer will organize a selection committee to select the collected works and determine the eligible works.

Reward Scheme

(i) Selected works

  • Certificate of Honor. The organizer will issue certificates of honor for the eligible works.
  • Launching support. After the works are selected, the organizer will communicate with the candidates/institutions about launching. If the works meet the launching conditions, the curatorial unit will support the landing of the eligible works by means of work procurement and exhibition services according to the curatorial demand of this Glow Shenzhen event, and the candidates/institutions will be responsible for the production and implementation of the launching works. In order to vigorously support the "Green Channel for Young Artists" program, the organizer will provide comprehensive support for the works created by students from colleagues and universities with the highest scores, including additional curatorial and implementation support.
  • Promotional support. The organizer will provide promotional support for exhibition for the outstanding and featured works, and have the opportunity to recommend them to other domestic cities, business districts, internationally renowned lighting festival exhibitions and commercial transformation, etc., with its candidates /institutions having the opportunity to be invited to participate in the third Glow Shenzhen Forum.

(ii) Unselected works

Unselected works will be entered into the alternative works library, issued an electronic entry certificate, and improved to be submitted for the next Glow Shenzhen OPEN CALL again.

Data Acquisition

  1. Application Form for Glow Shenzhen 2022 OPEN CALL (Appendix 1)
  2. Overview of Glow Shenzhen 2022 (Appendix 2)
  3. Past Materials and Videos of Glow Shenzhen

To download the information, please click on the link



(a) Candidates/institutions shall strictly abides by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, and guarantee the originality of the works for the competition, and the exclusive and complete copyright of the same.

(b) Works for the competition may not involve in any litigation, nor infringe any legal rights and interests of others, including but not limited to portrait rights, name rights, copyright, trademark rights and other legal rights and interests.

(c) Works for the competition may not contain content that violates the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and any other laws and regulations, and may not be suspected of ethnic discrimination, and religious discrimination, or other content that is contrary to social morality and good customs.

(d) The intellectual achievements involved in the launched works shall be shared between the organizer and the candidates/institution, and the organizer has the rights of exhibition, research and evaluation, photography and video, collection and publication, as well as publicity and promotion for the selected works. All the candidate schemes are non-returnable, so please keep your own manuscripts.

(e) Due to viruses, hacker attacks, and other man-made interference, unexpected events, force majeure or some factors beyond the control of the organizer, the organizer has the right to unilaterally postpone or cancel some and all events when the management, security, evaluation and fairness of the events are seriously affected. The organizer will not be responsible for any infringement of the independent intellectual property rights of the design elements, patterns and layout of the works submitted by the candidates/institutions during the program presentation and public exhibition, and will only cooperate and assist the candidates/institutions to defend their rights.

(f) The selection results shall be announced in October 2022 on the platforms such as the official website of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement and the WeChat Official Account of "Glow Shenzhen".

(g) For the submitted works obtaining launching support, candidates/institutions must participate in the design deepening and implementation of the works in the subsequent implementation process. If the depth of design cannot meet the launching requirements due to the candidates’/institutions’ own reasons and cannot be landed, or if the candidates/institutions cannot cooperate with the organizer to provide launching support in time and their works cannot be successfully landed before the opening of this Glow Shenzhen event, then the candidates/institutions will be regarded as giving up the opportunity of launching support provided by this event.

(h) Any candidate/institution that submits works for the competition shall be deemed to have confirmed and complied with all the provisions and requirements of this collection scheme, and to assume all responsibilities for their works. In the event that the candidate violates the aforementioned terms and conditions, the organizer shall have the right to immediately disqualify the candidate/institution from the competition and withdraw the awards and interests granted to the candidate/institution, and any legal proceedings, legal liabilities and property losses arising therefrom shall be nothing to do with the organizer, and borne by the candidate/institution.

(i) The organizer shall have the final right to interpret this public collection. 

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Source: Glow Shenzhen 2022 OPEN CALL