"Hangeul" promoted as K-content in Japan

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Cultural Heritage Administration and the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation have released the fourth episode of the global promotion project of the Visit Korean Heritage Campaign. It is about Hangeul, Korean Alphabet.


Following the promotional videos of Hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) in New York Times Square, in June; Hansik (traditional Korean food) in London in August; and Hanok (traditional Korean house) in Bangkok in October, the fourth episode has been played in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, for a month since November 30.

Introducing K-Heritage "Hangeul" as the world’s best writing system

The video begins with unfolded Hunminjeongeum Haerye, which means "explanations and examples of the correct and proper sounds for the people." It shows three Korean consonants floating on the book. These letters bring up the image of "Squid Game," Netflix’s hit drama, which continues the craze of K-contents throughout the world. They are transformed into the message saying, "Let’s find such exciting Hangeul letters." In the video, models of different nationalities enjoy learning the logic of Hangeul with the cards showing Korea’s beautiful cultural heritage names.

Visit Korean Heritage Campaign’s global promotion project continues until the end of the year

This campaign will gear up efforts to introduce Korean cultural heritage amid the increasing wave of K-contents. The last fifth series will be released following the promotion in Tokyo.

"It’s an important moment that we can promote Hangeul’s excellence and beauty amid ever-higher global interests in K-contents. In preparation for the post-COVID era, we would like to expand the interest in Korean contents into the Korean cultural heritage and encourage tourists to visit the cultural heritage in the future," said Kim Ki-sam, Director of Cultural Heritage Contents at the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation.

The Visit Korean Heritage Campaign strives to introduce the value and charm of the Korean cultural heritage both to Koreans and the world. As part of the campaign, diverse promotional activities have occurred throughout the year. They include the operation of the Visit Korean Heritage Campaign exhibition at the Dubai Expo and the Top 10 Cultural Heritages tour course, and the hosting of "Korea In Fashion," "Korea On Stage," "World Heritage Festival," "World Heritage Media Art," "Royal Culture Festival."



Source: "Hangeul" promoted as K-content in Japan