Hangzhou Helps Poor Counties Sell $150 Million Worth of Agricultural Products

HANGZHOU, China, Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A news report by haiwainet.cn:

Hangzhou is one of the wealthiest cities in eastern China, with a per capita GDP of $22,000 in 2019, reaching the level of developed countries in the world. As Hangzhou grows more affluent, the city government has sent staff to work in 23 poor counties and cities in western China to help millions of people end absolute poverty. Hefeng County, a poor county in Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, is rich in tea but can hardly sell for its remote location. This happens in many poor counties.

Hangzhou, taking advantage of its "Tea Capital of China" and "E-commerce Capital of China", has successfully sold a large number of agricultural products such as tea, selenium potatoes and blueberries from poor areas on several e-commerce platforms such as Taobao. Over the past three years, Hangzhou has helped Hefeng sell nearly $15 million of local specialty agricultural products.

While helping poor counties in Hubei province escape poverty, Hangzhou is also helping poor counties in Qiandongnan prefecture, Guizhou province. In 2019, the Hangzhou Municipal Government invested $175 million in the poor counties of the two places to develop local industries and increase local employment. Besides, Hangzhou has helped these poor counties sell agricultural products, which now exceed $150 million, increasing local revenues.

As scheduled, Hangzhou will continue to give full play to its advantages, shoulder the mission, and strive to contribute "Hangzhou Strength" to the cause of poverty alleviation.


Source: Hangzhou Helps Poor Counties Sell 0 Million Worth of Agricultural Products