Huangshan Tourism Development hosts promotional event and photo exhibition in Manhattan

NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A promotional event and photo exhibition about the natural wonders and local culture that define Huangshan, also known as Yellow Mountain, in China was held in Manhattan, New York City on December 16, 2019. Dozens of local luminaries from all walks of life as well as several UN officials attended the event. All were deeply impressed by the time-lapse panoramic video and the dozens of photos depicting Huizhou culture and Huangshan’s scenery.


Harvard Club director Charles Sullivan said in his remarks that, given the success of the event, a roadshow needs to be undertaken to more cities in the United States to promote Huangshan as a travel destination. He added that Huangshan would be the first stop on his next visit to China. Former British consul general in Guangzhou Alastair Morgan said the natural wonders that are the Huangshan mountains and the strangely-shaped pines and rocks that define the region are dizzying and amazing. Such a beautiful spot deserves the attention of more tourists from all over the world. U.N. Correspondents Association (UNCA) vice chairman Ma Jianguo said Huangshan deserves its title as "the most fantastic mountain under heaven". The officials from Huangshan not only promoted tourism in the region, but also boosted lasting cultural exchanges between China and the United States.

Huangshan boasts the world’s first and foremost collection of world cultural and natural heritages, geoparks and biosphere reserves in one location. Most of the photographic works depicting Huangshan shown at the exhibition come from amateur photographers, who, as ordinary tourists, recorded the many types of landscapes that distinguish Huangshan and impressed the visitors. In addition, the photos reflecting the country life in the Huangshan area, the architectural features and the local cuisine also aroused keen interest among the guests. A letter of invitation from the government of Huangshan that was read at the event included a description of the Huizhou culture, the area’s breathtaking ecology and abundant natural resources while suggesting to the audience that they visit the region and experience for themselves all the features that make the destination unique.

The event, sponsored by Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., and organized by the Xinhuanet North America Communication and Operation Center, featured a session which included a film documentary about Huangshan as well as experience sharing by guests who had previously visited the region, in a move to raise the visibility of Huangshan and make it a place in China that most people in the US will have heard of. Ultimately, the goal is to attract more travelers and vacationers from around the world to choose the region as a destination the next time they are planning a holiday. Guests were observed taking photos of the exhibitions with their mobile phones and sharing Huangshan’s magnificent scenery on social networks.

Huangshan Tourism Development has been continually strengthening its overseas promotional efforts, by staging various offline activities, among them, the Huangshan Scenery Photography Exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa, the Huangshan scenery film on the large screen overlooking Times Square in New York, the participation in the Festival of Spring Chinese New Year Celebration in Trafalgar Square, London, the exhibition booth at the International Tourismus-Börse (ITB) in Berlin, and the holding of promotional seminars at the World Trade Center and the United Nations headquarters in New York and at the Chinese embassy in Washington. Huangshan Tourism Development has expanded the scope of its online promotions, launching and managing accounts Facebook@Traveltoanhui´╝îTwitter@HuangshanT and Instagram@Huangshantourism, with the aim of getting the message about the appeal of the region and the uniqueness of the Huangshan culture out to audiences worldwide, attracting more than 40,000 followers within one year. Next, Huangshan Tourism Development plans to launch a series of promotional activities in Europe, in an effort to continue expanding the marketing efforts into more countries and telling the story about Huangshan.

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Source: Huangshan Tourism Development hosts promotional event and photo exhibition in Manhattan