Huilai Five-Product Online Showroom Launched on ITOE

GUANGZHOU, China, Nov. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Began on November 25, 2021, Huilai Five-Product Online Showroom was officially launched on International Trade Online Expo (ITOE). ITOE will enable the integrated information of Huilai agriculture industry and Huilai local enterprises to be showcased to overseas markets via digital promotion platform. The online showroom has three functional interfaces, namely, History & Culture, City & Industry, News & Policies, available in both Chinese and English version. The showroom will exclusively display and promote five Huilai’s agricultural products: Huilai litchi, pineapple, abalone, Longjiang pork feet, fish balls. A special Facebook topic page is also created for global fans to exchange their comments and thoughts.

The presence of Huilai Five-Product Online Showroom elevates the gross market value of agricultural products that made in Guangdong, and achieve high quality agriculture development. On the next move, the Online Showroom will closely rely on the government support and market operations to achieve win-win cooperation. Online digital trading can breakthrough the restriction of traditional marketing and expand to overseas markets in a more effectively manner. Huilai Five-Product Online Showroom will be on display for all the year round and never close.

Huilai Five-Product Online Showroom is one of important trial discovery of CCPIT Guangdong Committee for pushing forward digital agricultural development across Chinese provinces, cities, counties and towns, stated by Cai Yiyue, director of Exhibition Unit of CCPIT Guangdong Committee. These five products are not only representing the agriculture industry of Huilai County, but also the contributors to building the fame of Huilai brands and use them to penetrate into bigger international markets for better development. That is also the obligation of support task team of Jinghai Town, Huilai County.

Well-renowned overseas Chinese figures who had delivered their congratulations to the opening of the online showroom include Mr. Wu Yuansheng, Chairman of Malaysia Teochew Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Li Jiachun, Chairman of Thai Young Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Lin Han, Chairman of Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in Philippines, Mr. Jiang Xuzhong, Chairman of Philippines Federation Chaoshan Friendship, Mr. Jiang Xuzhong, Chairman of Overseas Friendship Union Cambodian Chaoren, Mr. Chen Qixiong, Chaoshan General Chamber of Commerce in UAE, Mr. Chen Yunsheng, Chairman of South Africa-China Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Wang Xinghua, Chairman of Chaoshan General Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, Mr. Lin Hanming, Chairman of Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mr. Chen Zhi, Chao Shan General Association of New Zealand and others. They show great interests to the agricultural development of Huilai County and want to provide helps. Every bite of food that made in hometown is the memory of home, all overseas Chinese are willingly contributing their forces to develop their hometowns.

Source: Huilai Five-Product Online Showroom Launched on ITOE