Hunnan District in Shenyang, China, has become a communication hub for China, Japan, South Korea and Russia

70% of the population in Hunnan District are young people

SHENYANG, China, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The average age of people in Hunnan District is 40 years old, and the proportion of young population in Hunnan district is 70%, which shows that the demographic structure of Hunnan District is the youngest in Shenyang.

On Decode a Happy China via Cloud Tours – Foreign Media Online Interview Shenyang "Together along the Belt & Road" Promotion Day held on Oct. 22, Wang Lixun, the deputy executive director of Hunnan New District Administrative Committee, introduced the below messages.

In recent years, Hunnan District has engaged Kajima Corporation in Japan to participate in the design of the new city. With high starting point layout, high-level planning and high-quality construction, Hunnan district has built a brand-new city with complete infrastructure such as road network, water network, electric network and heat supply network. The blue water, blue sky, red flowers and green space complement each other. The space for development and utilization is huge.

Hunnan district is in the southeast of Shenyang. Located on the South Bank of Hunhe River, the mother river in Shenyang, Hunnan District got its present name. It is the administrative center of Shenyang, the first batch of national high-tech zones, the core area of Shenyang area of Shenda National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and the important supporting area of China (Liaoning) pilot free trade zone.

Hunnan is located in the central area of Northeast Asia Economic Circle and Bohai Economic Rim. It is the core node of Shenfu, Shenben and Shenliaoanying intercity link, and it is the key hub of Sino-Japanese, Sino-Korean and Sino-Russian communication. Hunnan District has strong accessibility. Shenyang Taoxian International Airportthe largest airport in Northeast China, and high-speed railway stationShenyangnan Railway station are located here. Civil aviation route, high-speed railway, highway, national highway and urban rail transit are interconnected. Before the outbreak of coronavirus, there were direct flights to important cities of Japan and South Korea every day. At the end of the year, people can reach Beijing within two and a half hours after the opening of the Beijing Shenyang high-speed railway, and it will only spend us 2-3 hours to drive to Dalian, Yingkou and Dandong.


Source: Hunnan District in Shenyang, China, has become a communication hub for China, Japan, South Korea and Russia