India’s water woes from poor governance and climate change

India relies on rain for the vast share of its water. It is currently experiencing increasing heavy rain and prolonged dry spells between storms, a potentially ruinous combination.

‘Climate change is now messing with the monsoon, making seasonal rains more intense and less predictable. Worse, decades of short-sighted government policies are leaving millions of Indians defenseless in the age of climate disruptions – especially the poor.’

‘But, as scientists are quick to point out, climate change isn’t the only culprit to blame for India’s water woes. Decades of greed and mismanagement are far more culpable. The lush forests that help to hold the rains continue to be cleared. Developers are given the green light to pave over creeks and lakes. Government subsidies encourage the over-extraction of groundwater.’


India’s Ominous Future: Too Little Water, or Far Too Much  (NY Times)