Infinitus Co-organizes 2023 Responsibilities for Health Forum: Fostering Quality and Innovation in Traditional Chinese Medicine

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – The 2023 Responsibilities for Health Forum (RHF) was held on December 4th, serving as a major event within the 2023 Boao Forum for Chinese Entrepreneurs. The larger forum took place in Boao, Hainan province from December 2nd to December 5th.

Hosted by Xinhuanet and Xinhua News Agency’s National Brands Project, and co-organized by Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd, the 2023 RHF centered on publicizing China’s superior wellness culture, and promoting high quality, sustainable advancement of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) sector. A number of industry leaders participated in the forum at which they discussed visionary ideas and engaged in cross-sector dialogues. Highlights of the forum included the release of the National TCM Health Index Report 2023 and the inaugural Infinitus Quality and Safety White Paper. These releases were accompanied by presentations from leading experts in the field, who offered insights and advocated for the adoption of healthier lifestyle practices by the public..

Leading Industry Experts Convene at 2023 RHF for A Dynamic Exchange on Responsibilities for Health

An impressive lineup of guests in attendance at the forum included sector experts and officials from Xinhuanet, the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the China Association of Chinese Medicine (CACM), the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Infinitus (China). Zhang Boli, Senior Researcher at the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and Honorary President of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and Wu Qingping, Senior Researcher at CAE and Honorary Director of Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, conveyed their supportive remarks and articulated their expectations for the forum through a video hookup.


"Infinitus is committed to collaborating with industry peers in actively addressing obligations in health care," stated Huang Jianlong, Chief Executive Officer of Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd. "Our focus on advancing TCM aligns with the government’s Healthy China initiative, seeking to elevate and promote the nation’s wellness culture. I am optimistic that through the combined efforts of the corporate sector, academic institutions, government bodies and the media, the TCM field is uniquely positioned to innovate and contribute significantly to this national health endeavor by preserving and advancing its cultural heritage."

National TCM Health Index Report 2023 provides insights into emerging wellness trends

Following Mr. Huang’s remarks, the National TCM Health Index Report 2023 was officially released. Li Candong, Vice President of CACM and President of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, delivered a detailed analysis of the report. He noted that in the past year, there has been a growing trend of consumers prioritizing health and wellness and engaging in health-related activities. Furthermore, he emphasized the significance of increasing health consciousness and advocated for the implementation of regular health maintenance practices to consistently improve general well-being.

Infinitus Unveils Quality and Safety White Paper, Driving the Sustainable Development of the Industry

China has recently issued the Outline for Building a Powerful Country with Quality, underscoring the crucial role of quality and safety in national development. The strategic policy framework further advocates for rapid advancement of the health sector as a key to furthering the Healthy China initiative. In this context, Infinitus has released the Infinitus Quality and Safety White Paper, highlighting the company’s 31 years of expertise and experience in quality assurance (QA) and safety management across the industry chain.

Reflecting on the white paper’s release, the CAE researcher, Mr. Wu, said, "Given the Chinese government’s ongoing emphasis on food safety, the responsibility becomes even more significant for key companies, especially large corporations, to set standards in this area. Infinitus has consistently focused on quality and safety from its founding, embedding the principle of high quality and sustainable growth into its corporate DNA. This approach has led to the establishment of a thorough quality assurance and safety management system, raising the standard of TCM to a new level."

Liu Fengsong, Director of Quality and Technical Regulations at Infinitus (China), elaborated on the Infinitus Quality and Safety White Paper. He explained that the document underscores the company’s extensive 31 years of experience, structuring its content into one focus, one model and ten segments. The structure encompasses a "user-centric" approach, the development of a comprehensive end-to-end QA and safety management system covering the entire industry chain, and the implementation of rigorous standards and protocols at every stage, ensuring the quality and safety of the products, Mr. Liu added.

This year represents the sixth occasion of Infinitus co-organizing the RHF. As a prominent entity in China’s health and wellness sector, Infinitus seeks to leverage the event as a nexus for interaction and cooperation among government agencies, academic institutions, media organizations and corporations. The enlightening speeches and profound perspectives shared by attendees have charted a course for the high-quality, sustainable advancement of TCM while providing a significant driving force the sector’s various stakeholders.


Source: Infinitus Co-organizes 2023 Responsibilities for Health Forum: Fostering Quality and Innovation in Traditional Chinese Medicine