Infinitus Meets 520 Social Responsibility Day Goal for 5 Years, Promoting Healthy Living

GUANGZHOU, China, May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On May 20, Infinitus hosted the 520 Infinitus Social Responsibility Day for the 5th consecutive year at Infinitus Plaza in Guangzhou, centered around this year’s theme, "You and I Together for a Healthy Lifestyle". The event, broadcasted live online, aimed to inspire everyone to positively embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Huang Jianlong, CEO of Infinitus(China) and Vice Chairman of Si Li Ji Ren Foundation, delivers a speech
Huang Jianlong, CEO of Infinitus(China) and Vice Chairman of Si Li Ji Ren Foundation, delivers a speech

The event was jointly organized by Infinitus (China) Company Ltd. ("Infinitus") and Si Li Ji Ren Foundation, and received special support from the Southern Weekly Philanthropy Research Center. It was attended by notable individuals including Huang Jianlong, CEO of Infinitus(China) and Vice Chairman of Si Li Ji Ren Foundation; Zhang Qian, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Media Affairs at Infinitus, and Managing Director of Si Li Ji Ren Foundation; Li Peipei, General Manager of Southern People Weekly and Secretary-General of Southern Weekly Philanthropy Fund; Sun Xiaowen, Director of CSR Research Center and Director of Public Welfare Research Center at Southern Weekly Research Institute; Li Zhaoxu, Professor of Wushu College, Guangzhou Sport University, and an expert on national intangible cultural heritage; and Lu Zhifang, Director of Fundraising Liaison Department at Guangzhou Charity Federation and Secretary-General of Guangzhou Shancheng Community Public Welfare Foundation.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles: Infinitus Launches the ‘Health for All’ Public Welfare Project

For the fifth consecutive year, Infinitus has hosted the 520 Social Responsibility Day event. Mr. Huang, the Infinitus CEO and Si Li Ji Ren Foundation vice chairman, emphasized that health and wellness are not only a way of life but also an attitude towards life. He highlighted the importance of raising awareness about the significance of maintaining or restoring physical and mental well-being. Mr. Huang urged each of us to act as practitioners, evangelists and advocates for a healthy lifestyle, encouraging everyone to take responsibility and contribute to improving the health of all!"

Ms. Li, the Southern People Weekly general manager and Southern Weekly Philanthropy Fund secretary-general, underscored the importance of not being shortsighted when it comes to personal health. He highlighted the need for collective efforts from all members of society to enhance individual health awareness and achieve the ambitious goal of national well-being. Ms. Li stressed that it is crucial for key healthcare providers in our country to actively engage in this public service initiative. They should provide accurate health information, participate in health-related activities, and offer socially responsible healthcare services.

Infinity Introduces Innovative Volunteer Services to Foster Community Engagement in Health and Wellness

As part of its effort to raise awareness about the significance of community health and wellness throughout China, Infinitus has enlisted around 100 volunteers from its business partners and administrative staff nationwide to serve as Health and Happiness Ambassadors. These dedicated volunteers will actively engage with their local communities, organizing over 3,000 health promotion activities. These activities will encompass a wide range of services, including educating community members on effective healthcare practices and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With its annual lineup of 520 Social Responsibility Day activities, Infinitus continues to align with the Healthy China initiative and promotes a healthier and happier life for all members of society. By fostering collaborations with diverse social forces, Infinitus strives to explore directions and pathways for the development of healthy lifestyles accessible to everyone.



Source: Infinitus Meets 520 Social Responsibility Day Goal for 5 Years, Promoting Healthy Living