Inter(World)View: Mutual Learning of Civilizations – Seeking Senrikyu

TOKYO, Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In preparation for the core academic event of the 95th Anniversary of China Academy of Art, Inter(World)View2023: Mutual Learning of Civilizations, 12 teams from CAA traveled around the world in search of the history of civilization and anthropological meaning behind art at 12 core sites, including Amazon Jungle, Silicon Valley in San Francisco, Icelandic Caldera, Leonardo da Vinci’s residence in Milan, Workers’ Club in Moscow, Petroglyphs of Dalmatian, etc.

Led by Wang Xin, associate professor of the School of Architecture of CAA, a team visited Japan, including Kamakura, Tokyo, Kobe, etc, and began the seeking of Senrikyu ——the pioneer of "Oriental modernism". The team takes time as the core and takes Senrikyu as the tangent plane to distinguish the differences between the construction of Chinese and Japanese gardens, and opens the mutual learning between Chinese and Japanese gardens.

The team arrived at 36 sites and interviewed 11 experts and scholars, including Rem Koolhaas, chief designer at OMA, architectural theorist, urbanist and professor in Practice of Architecture and Urban Design at Harvard University, and Kobayashi Katsuhiro, Honorary Professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University. The garden is the window of dialogue between ancient and modern, and is a concentrated representation of the thinking of the world. From the historical perspective and contemporary needs, the team strives to establish a continuous communication, and build a "community of gardens" between China and Japan.

After exploring the civilization, the team with other 11 teams regrouped in Liangzhu, Hangzhou in east China’s Zhejiang Province, launching the film actions via "Reports from the World" forum and the "Starplex" exhibition, sharing and exchanging what they have asked and thought around the world.

Inter(World)View (IWV) is a long-term project of CAA, through which the Academy tried to decode the history of civilization through art, understand art from the vantage point of civilization history, transcend existing notions of art history and professional perspectives, reopen the vistas of art and the concerns of the Academy.


Source: Inter(World)View: Mutual Learning of Civilizations – Seeking Senrikyu