Ionix Technology Inc (stock code: IINX) announces its seventh wholly-owned subsidiary has completed the legal registration

LAS VEGAS, March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ionix Technology, Inc. (OTCQB: IINX), ("Ionix ", "IINX" or "the Company"), a business aggregator in the fields of photoelectric display and smart energy, today announced its another wholly-owned subsidiary—Huixiang Energy (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd (Huixiang) has completed the legal registration in Suzhou China. Huixiang Energy is a high-tech company dedicated to the research and development of next generation advanced battery technologies, manufacture and sales of relevant battery products, including the solid state rechargeable lithium ion battery for next generation EV and energy storage systems with safety, fast charging (10 minute charge rate), wide temperature operation range (from -50 degrees to +70 degrees) and long cycle life. And Huixiang also engages in operating battery packs, battery systems and electric vehicles sharing business with its own internet sharing platform. The EV could be electric sport sedans, delivery electric cars, electric trucks, electric mini-cars and two-wheel electric vehicles, etc.

With the rapid development of take-out and express delivery services in and out of cities, the intercity low-speed electric vehicles on which it relies have encountered major bottlenecks, namely, such as the problems of flammable and explosive charging of electric vehicles, short battery life and slow charge (>3 hours charge time), which limit the development of the industry. By cooperating with battery enterprises, Huixiang Energy use the new battery technology of the advanced (including the solid state lithium ion battery) with high safety, fast charging (10 minute charge rate), long cycle life, to solve the problem of safety, endurance mileage, service life and so on for EV charging and usage issues. On this basis, the new energy battery and electric vehicle operation platform will be launched.

Mr Li Cheng, CEO of IINX, said, "On the premise of this new battery technology support, Huixiang Energy is developing its sharing platform of the electric vehicles (online EV hailing services) and its relevant batteries and battery systems. We plan to copy and promote the business in major cities throughout the country. It will bring great convenience for the people living in the cities, and also bring new breakthrough to the logistics industry and provide a strong guarantee for the development of industry. Hereby the company will become the industry leader.  The operation of the new energy sharing platform project is a key link of IINX’s industrial layout and development. It is expected it will bring good profit for the company in the future and become a profit growth point for IINX’s sustainable development."

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Source: Ionix Technology Inc (stock code: IINX) announces its seventh wholly-owned subsidiary has completed the legal registration