KONKA Showcases 43 Years of Tech Prowess with Stellar Lineup at IFA 2023

BERLIN, Sept. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With a rich legacy of 43 years in pioneering technology, KONKA showcased its exceptional products and remarkable innovation prowess at IFA 2023, the world’s biggest customer technology event. KONKA revealed their stellar lineup, featuring the cutting-edge 812 Series OLED TV, the revolutionary R7 Mini QD-LED TV, and the state-of-the-art 558 refrigerator. These flagship offerings sparked the imaginations of visitors to the exhibition, where they got to experience this next-level technology for themselves.

KONKA at IFA 2023
KONKA at IFA 2023

The KONKA 812 Series OLED TV stands out for its unparalleled visuals, enabled by self-illuminating pixels and an expanded range of colors. Building on KONKA’s strengths in display technology, the 812 Series delivers an immersive entertainment experience. Its ultra-fast response time and high refresh rate bring gaming to life with seamless motion and vivid colors. The frameless screen with a 99.1% screen-to-body ratio culminates in a sleek, contemporary design. At IFA 2023, KONKA demonstrated the 812 Series’ capabilities through popular operating systems like webOS and Google TV. With its cinematic picture quality, high-performance gaming, and sophisticated design, the 812 Series OLED TV promises to captivate home audiences.

KONKA also wooed the gathered media and audience with the new multi-featured Mini LED R7 Series. Coming with the new Mini QD-LED dynamic backlight system and AGLR light-control screen, the R7 series is set to deliver an awe-inspiring viewing experience that fuels the imagination. The cutting-edge advantages of both QLED and Mini LED are combined to create a new level of experience with enhanced contrast and enriched colors. With a single click, the TV set can be switched into a 240Hz lightning refresh mode, ensuring impeccable, seamless visualization of every frame. In terms of audio performance, the R7 series features an AI-empowered audio effect engine to create a truly immersive, cinema-like audio experience.

Notably, the KONKA R7 Series secured the Home Audio-Visual Experience Gold Award at IFA 2023, a testament to its innovative technology and outstanding design. This achievement underscores KONKA’s global recognition in the design sphere, showcasing its 43-year commitment to the home appliance industry.

KONKA also showcased the KONKA 558 refrigerator, gaining attention for its sleek design and robust functionality. Empowered by KONKA Group’s proprietary dual 15-day ecological fresh-keeping technology, the refrigerator features smart sensors to control the ice point and adjust temperature. This innovation keeps meat fresh for up to 15 days. Additionally, intelligent temperature sensors keep vegetables and fruits fresh for the same duration. The appliance includes a temperature-controlled box (to 4°C) box) for baby food, ensuring nutrient stability. Comprehensive antibacterial functions provide added food security, with a bacterial removal rate exceeding 99.79%.

Looking ahead, KONKA Group will continue to focus on technological innovation, design products of superior user experience, and actively implement its globalization strategy. It aims to develop into a world-renowned brand and bring global customers intelligent products designed and made in China.

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Source: KONKA Showcases 43 Years of Tech Prowess with Stellar Lineup at IFA 2023