Linhai Zhejian Issues An Invitation to Taizhou Delicacies Banquet for Thousands in This Beautiful Spring

LINHAI, China, April 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Enjoy the best delicacies in Linhai in this beautiful spring. On April 26th, Delicacies in Linhai, Banquet for Thousands Immersive Food Experience Products Promotion Meeting was held in Lanshengmen Square, Fucheng Cultural Tourism Zone, Linhai, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. The event was hosted by the People’s Government of Linhai City, the Publicity ministry of Linhai City Municipal committee, jointly organized by Linhai Social Development Group, Linhai Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau and Taizhou Fucheng Cultural Tourism Development Center, Zhejiang Media Group Music Radio and guided by Xin Rong Ji Restaurant, aiming to further explore Linhai cuisine, create new business and tourism opportunities with food.

Linhai, a coastal city located in the east of Zhejiang Province and the south of the Yangtze River Delta, is home to the thousand-year-old Linhai Ancient City Wall, dubbed the "Great Wall of Jiangnan", delicious traditional snacks, and the Xin Rong Ji Restaurant. Remnants old and new married perfectly in this ancient city. Nature has endowed it with beautiful landscapes and a unique resource of ingredients that last throughout the seasons. With more than 140 kinds of traditional snacks, Linhai is an ideal place for diners to be. In recent years, Linhai has been awarded the honor of "China’s Gourmet Capital", "Poetic Jiangnan-Hundred Counties and Thousands of Bowls" Gourmet Street, and the Top 100 Counties and Cities of Chinese Specialties, and has successfully held the first Linhai-Rongguang Folk Chef Competition, "Family Banquet with a Thousand Bowls in a Hundred Counties" tasting and other activities. It has been hailed as "Michelin Town" by  diners and tourists, and the reputation of Linhai cuisine has continued to spread far and wide.

At the promotion meeting, Zhang Yong, the founder of Xin Rong Ji and the global ambassador for Linhai cuisine, presented to the world his hometown Linhai, "China’s Gourmet Capital", and welcomed all to Linhai to taste the delicious, salty and sweet food and experience first-hand the vitality and liveliness of the ancient city. At the same time, tourism ambassador for Taizhou Fucheng recommended the experience products of Delicacies in Linhai Immersive Food Experience, in particular, the Delicacies in Linhai, Banquet for Thousands to be held in Jinshan Square, Fucheng on April 30th, which features the convergence of elements such as food, tourism and performing arts and bases itself on the unique endowment of Taizhou Fucheng, creating an immersive experience where people hear, see, touch, smell and taste at the same time.

It is understood that in the event of Delicacies in Linhai, Banquet for Thousands, lunch will be Maiyouzhi, a thin pancake made from wheat flour, accompanied by "the best in the world" with tofu, bones and crucian carp stewed in a large pot. Dinner will be more than 10 kinds of famous local specialties, including Jiang Zhi Tiao Dan, Chinese steamed eggs cooked with ginger sauce, Bai Shui Yang Dou Fu, tofu from Baishuiyang, Za Yu Pin Pan, stew of different fishes, Gu Cheng Xian Geng, a thick stew of ten plus kinds of ingredients, and Qingtuan, a kind of dumpling made of glutinous rice mixed with Chinese mugwort or barley grass, indulging diners in the infinite charm of Linhai, a holy place of delicious food. In addition, all the tableware of this banquet are tailor-made based on the culture of Fucheng and the needs of the banquet. All the staff will be dressed in Song Dynasty costumes, which will be different for each job, so that diners can taste Linhai cuisine and enjoy the culture of Song, a dynasty dating back to a thousand years when Linhai prospered.

This city is full of delicacies in April and it’s hustle and bustle everywhere. At the promotion meeting, Taizhou Fucheng launched a Delicacies in Linhai, Banquet for Thousands flash sale package on WeChat, sincerely welcoming diners from all over the country to gather here to enjoy the food, culture, and the natural scenery.

Linhai welcomes all to share the life in the ancient city, starting from enjoying the food. In the next step, Linhai will focus on the brand of Delicacies in Linhai, making Delicacies in Linhai, Banquet for Thousands a regular event and creating four versions of the event for the four seasons. More immersive food experience products such as the Taizhoufu Banquet in Zhuangyuan Building and Meal Show in Song Style Garden by the Donghu Lake will be launched in good time. Our goal is to provide popular products featuring the culture of modern and ancient Linhai, making the city an example of the integration of culture, business and travel.

Source: Linhai Zhejian Issues An Invitation to Taizhou Delicacies Banquet for Thousands in This Beautiful Spring