Mhome's "Spark Program" Accelerates the Training of Labourers in the Modular Construction Industry

WUHAN, China, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Mhome Group (, a Chinese real estate developer headquartered in Wuhan, launched the "Spark Training Program", accelerating the career development of labourers in the prefabricated construction industry.

The prefabrication industry is in its nascent stage in China and the demand for prefabrication construction is expected to increase on account of its unique offerings such as a substantial reduction construction time, cleaner and safer working environment, and low labor costs, especially in the context of aging populations.

The recent launch of a series of favorable national and local policies to promote modular construction has led to a rise in demand for skilled labourers. This year demand was expanded further by the Chinese government’s decision to add the title of Prefabricated Construction Labourer to the country’s official occupation list.

As an emerging occupation, it is essential that newly enrolled onsite staff have the skills and expertise to work safely on site.

The six-month Spark Program will provide trainees with extensive training, and only those who pass both theoretical and practical tests will be permitted to work onsite.

The theoretical section of the course covers a Brief History of the Construction Industry, Prefabricated Construction Theory and the Development of Prefabricated Construction Training. The practical element includes Construction Measurement, Operations and Equipment Handling, Electro-welding, Steel Bar Bending and Component Hoisting.

Trainees of Spark Program will receive continuous training, both theoretical and practical, and be evaluated and tested before becoming certified prefabrication construction professionals equipped with basic theoretical knowledge, standardized assembly and operation skills, group leadership and a sense of corporate mission. Qualified labourers will adopt a shift scheduling system according to S-EPC project management requirements and apply adept assembly skills using advanced professional tools while following standard protocols, thus guaranteeing the safety, efficiency and quality of the prefabrication construction projects.

"Work safety is our top priority," said Lei Bing, Project Manager and Course Leader of Mhome. "We require our onsite staff to implement routine checks before and after work, strictly follow safety instructions, and pay great attention to detail."

Li Yao passed the Spark Program in April 2019 and is now a qualified onsite prefabricated Construction Labourer in Mhome.

"Component hoisting is the most difficult and time-consuming subject, and the aim is to ensure the efficiency accuracy and safety onsite," said Li Yao. "It is our responsibility to assemble each module accurately. Different from traditional construction workers, prefabricated construction workers require skill over strength. My next step is to become a Course Leader and impart my knowledge and experience to more people."

About Mhome Group

Mhome Group ( was established in 1989 as a developer of residential and urban homes properties and provider of urban and rural construction services. Headquartered in Wuhan, China, Mhome is now a listed company with a prominent presence in multiple industries including smart housing manufacturing, modern agriculture and industrial revitalization of small towns.

Source: Mhome's "Spark Program" Accelerates the Training of Labourers in the Modular Construction Industry