Micro film "Looking forward to all you Meet" tells the story of living and working in Jingrong Town

CHENGDU, China, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On October 28, 2020, the micro film "Looking forward to all you Meet" made Jingrong Lake popular again. From the perspective of a female representative, the film tells the story of living and working in Jingrong Town and striving for youth.

Jingrong has held more than 986 international competitions. It has cooperated with Pegasus Tech Ventures, to hold two consecutive finals for the SWC Entrepreneurship World Cup in China, and settled down the Fenox international accelerator. The "Western Global Innovation Center" has settled in Jingrong. It was recognized as the first Overseas Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base in Western China and was designated as one of the first batch of towns with Chinese characteristics. In December 2019, Pidu’s "construction of an innovative and entrepreneurial development hotspot" was selected as one of the Top 100 Best National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Pilot Bases by the National Development and Reform Commission.

Creating a high-level business district of Jingrong Lake is an important project of Pidu District’s Jingrong town. Taking Jingrong Lake as the center, Chengdu electronic information industry functional zone will be built into a future urban consumption center and an international park urban demonstration area. This area will bear the work and consumption of more than 30,000 knowledgeable people.

The east bank of Jingrong Lake is a maker park and a demonstration base for entrepreneurship and innovation, which has been put into operation. The south bank of the lake is a new economy industrial park composed of several key science and innovation enterprises. On the west side of the lake, it is the future space of electronic information function area. To build Jingrong Lake Sci-Tech innovation business district is to further empower the development of electronic information industry in terms of innovation leading power and ecological competitiveness. Relying on the core support of Jingrong Lake, it hopes to seize the significant opportunity of new infrastructure construction like "5G network, data center". Based on the existing industrial foundation, Pidu district is speeding up its efforts to establish a "pilot area of innovative development of digital economy".

Jingrong Lake Sci-Tech innovation Business District has a superior environment and is very suitable for living. It has 334 kilometers of greenways, 135 city parks and mini parks, which attract many snow mountain lovers to take photos. The whole area is lively and full of vitality.

This is also a high quality life consumption scene, with a modern library, sports center, international hotel, international school, international hospital, international community composed of high quality business circle. The innovation gene and entrepreneurial atmosphere of comfortable Pidu make entrepreneurs no longer lost.

Based on its own resources and ecological background, and led by the new development concept of park city, Jingrong Lake Technology Innovation business district is designed to integrate multiple functions of production, research and development, residence, consumption, service, and ecology, so as to build an industrial park city demonstration area with harmony and integration of "human city-state industry".

Source: Micro film "Looking forward to all you Meet" tells the story of living and working in Jingrong Town