NAVEE at CES 2024: Showcasing E-Scooter Innovations to Empower Simple and Safe Urban Traveling

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NAVEE ("the Brand"), a rising star in the electric two-wheeler space, has announced that the Brand is set to bring its latest e-scooters from three flagship line-ups to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, the annual global tech extravaganza scheduled to return to Las Vegas, the United States, on January 9th. At booth 54555 in the Venetian Hall, NAVEE will showcase the new designs powered by industry-leading innovations to deliver unparalleled comfort and safety for long-range rides, allowing the users to enjoy the convenience and versatility that NAVEE’s two-wheel e-mobility solutions unlock for modern living.

NAVEE’s appearance at CES 2024 marks the second time that the Brand introduces its new products to global visitors under the spotlight of the world’s most influential technology event which offers a unique stage for innovators and market disruptors to display their revolutionary solutions that reshape the future of the tech world. This year, the offerings highlighted at NAVEE’s show floor include the N65i from the N series, the S40 and S60 from the S series, and the V25 Pro, V40i Pro, and V50i Pro from the V series, with each one featuring major upgrades that promise a significant leap in performance and user experience.

S40 and S60 – all-purpose city cruisers combining practicality and futuristic aesthetic 

The Exoskeleton cyberpunk-style frame design brings a unique identity, enhancing every ride with its impressive aesthetics and providing a more durable and safe experience. Engineered from the ground up to maximize comfort and safety, the two newest members of NAVEE’s flagship S series boast a dual suspension system that delivers highly efficient shock-absorption performance, paired with the industry-first Shock Master technology designed to further minimize vibration to ensure incredible stability and control while moving. The innovation leads to a 35% increase in vibration isolation rate compared with the conventional spring-based suspension system, giving urban dwellers the ease and confidence that they need when navigating daily commutes. The S-series is scheduled to launch in April, making its highly anticipated debut in the market.

N65i – a multi-terrain conqueror that offers smooth off-road riding

Built upon the mighty power and great stability performance of its predecessor, N65, NAVEE N65i comes with 10.5-inch off-road tubeless tires and ground clearance up to 3.4 inches (88mm), making it a "SUV e-scooter" capable of cruising a wide range of urban and off-road terrains with superb stability and smoothness. NAVEE has also added to the N65’s foldable feature with the all-new Double-Filp mechanism, an ultra-compact design that allows for easier transportation and storage. Besides, the N65i also upgrades the braking system to triple brakes from the N65’s double brakes. Furthermore, the N65i features direction indicators, ensuring safety while turning. The N65i is set to be launched in Spain at the end of January.

V25 Pro, V40i Pro, V50i Pro – compact beasts packed with all the features that a pro rider desires

Durable, small, lightweight, and powerful without compromising battery performance – these are the defining characteristics of the next generation of ultra-compact e-mobility solutions, as well as the results of NAVEE’s ingenious innovation that has led to the birth of the new offering in the V series. The three new models house high-performance and efficient motors, powered by high-capacity batteries integrated with NAVEE’s unique technology to give the e-scooters impressive mileage range. Thanks to the smaller and lighter bodies, the new designs take up less space, with the Double-Filp mechanism facilitating easy travel and hassle-free carrying.

"Fuelled by eco-conscious lifestyles, the e-scooter market has experienced a boom over the past years and is expected to witness a substantial surge with a CAGR of 9.1% in the next decade. As a micro-mobility innovator focused on rider-centric design, NAVEE responds to the needs of our users, developing powerful and versatile products that exceed their expectations while empowering them for simple, comfortable, and green urban living. We are glad to come back to CES again where we continue to showcase our technological milestones and contributions to the innovation for e-mobility," said Bryan Bai, Co-founder of NAVEE.

About NAVEE:

Founded in 2020, NAVEE is a micro-mobility solution provider specializing in the R&D, production, and distribution of e-scooters and e-bikes. NAVEE is committed to providing vehicles featuring the latest innovations & technology to global customers and making micro-mobility more smart, enjoyable, and convenient.

Source: NAVEE at CES 2024: Showcasing E-Scooter Innovations to Empower Simple and Safe Urban Traveling