New Urban Logistic Real Estate Opportunity in Russia

Opportunity to invest in the leading Urban Logistic warehousing company in Russia, focused on servicing the e-commerce, last-mile industry.

MOSCOW, Jan. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Michael Lange, Jean Francois Ott and Michel Pascalis, who respectively previously founded JLL Russia, Orco Property Group and MLP (Multinational Logistic Partnership), have teamed up to create L.O.P. Urban Logistic, a Russian REIT with the objective of building a portfolio of warehouses focused on servicing the booming e-commerce and last-mile industry with an initial €140 million fundraising campaign starting in January 2020.

L.O.P. Urban Logistic

L.O.P. Urban Logistic

"We intend to rapidly become the premier partner of the Russian e-commerce industry, with a primary focus on Moscow: the largest European city. While it is one of the most dynamic logistic real estate markets, it is still largely undersupplied, and we see aligned improvements for real estate yields, lowering interest rates and raising rents at a time when the ruble has stabilized."

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