Next.e.GO Mobile SE, the German BEV producer, announces a new micro factory in Bulgaria

€ 140 Million to be invested in a disruptive and fully connected micro-factory in Lovech, Bulgaria.

With the capacity of up to 30,000 vehicles per year, the start of production is expected in Q1, 2024.

The project underpins company’s decentralized global growth strategy, leveraging its disruptive Internet of Production and game-changing micro-factory.

AACHEN, Germany, July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Next.e.GO Mobile SE, the German battery electric car manufacturer, announced on Wednesday that it has entered into an agreement in Bulgaria to build its second new micro-factory in Lovech. 

e.GO digital micro factory in Aachen, Germany
e.GO digital micro factory in Aachen, Germany

In a public ceremony at the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria, under the leadership of Minister Kiril Petkov, the parties signed an agreement under which Next.e.GO Mobile Bulgaria AD will build a disruptive and highly connected micro factory in Lovech. With the capacity of up to 30, 000 vehicles per year, the start of production is scheduled for Q1,2024. The factory is intended to create up to 1,000 new jobs in the region. The new facility will be a cyber-physical twin of the original Industry 4.0 factory in Aachen, Germany – first of its kind fully connected micro factory in the BEV industry – leveraging the Internet of Production architecture and advanced automation.

"This strategic agreement is another key milestone in Next.e.GO Mobile’s decentralized growth, leveraging our game-changing micro factory and product architecture in transforming the global urban mobility. Our technology, the unique production and the entire eco-system that we create set us apart and expand our ecological and economic contribution far beyond our factories into countries and local communities", said Ali Vezvaei, Chairman of the Board of Next e.GO Mobile SE. "We are very pleased to expand our footprint into Bulgaria – a country with amazing human capital, competitive terrain and well-developed tech and industrial clusters."  

Next.e.GO is accelerating the transition to zero-emission urban mobility by producing one of the most sustainable and purpose-built urban BEVs. It is designed to combine affordability with superior durability, ultra-low total cost of ownership with unrivalled lifecycle sustainability. And crystalizing this into an exciting driving experience like no other urban BEV.

Founded in Germany and leveraging its deep integrated engineering and production know-how, known as Internet of Production with creating low capex and highly flexible connected micto-factory, Next.e.GO Mobile has successfully progressed on its global expansion plans. Besides the running factory in Germany and the planned facility in Bulgaria, the company had announced earlier the intention to replicate its cyber-physical micro factories in Greece and Mexico. The e.GO Life Next model is already available and being sold in Germany. In 2022, the company plans to introduce the next generation of the e.GO Life model and its derivatives including e.GO Life Cross.


Source: Next.e.GO Mobile SE, the German BEV producer, announces a new micro factory in Bulgaria