Olive and Latte brings to readers and viewers Olive and Latte Home Lounge while Engagevu presents Engage for Moments

SINGAPORE, June 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This year 2020, Olive and Latte Globeshop has branched out with a new extension website Olive and Latte Home Lounge http://www.oliveandlattehomelounge.com/ while Engagevu, the pr and marketing collaborative outfit presents Engage for Moments https://www.engageformoments.com/.

Olive and Latte brings to readers and viewers Olive and Latte Home Lounge while Engagevu presents Engage for Moments
Olive and Latte brings to readers and viewers Olive and Latte Home Lounge while Engagevu presents Engage for Moments

Sharon Vu and Markus Flamman have created the blog with the aim of being a "companion", while readers and viewers are at home alone or with family, so as to encourage topics from deals and specials of the day and week, recipes, and food takeaway-delivery-dining lists base on reads and views from the media to social media. Olive and Latte Home Lounge has also included enrichment ideas and notes, especially with Covid19 and the gradual reopening and coming out of lock down measures. The two founders hope this blog will be an accompaniment to those at home or working remotely.

Sharon Vu, Founder of Olive and Latte ABS (arts, bites, shop) with #OliveandLatte suite including #DashinglyVeryGoodLiving, and PR and Marketing outfit Engagevu, Vu Marcoms says, "In a very tough year 2020 with the Covid19 pandemic, working remotely and virtual travelling together, becomes a norm, and new habits are formed. It has been an unforgettable episode and I am glad to be working with the collaborators and Engagevu’s senior advisor Markus Flamman, despite social distancing in place. But undeniably, this has been quite a journey with the two websites."

The concept of a Concierge menu, within the two websites, is also a highlight, and is a curated preview that leads to other pages and ecommerce stores with Shoppers, Artists and Biz Innovators and Personality in the Olive and Latte ABS umbrella as seen in https://www.engageformoments.com/conciergemenu



Last year, Olive and Latte ABS launched affordable luxe themed Dashingly Very Good Living VGD as they embarked on the boutique Globeshop and have updated it with products that are reasonable, and with news on affordable luxe escapades, https://dashinglyverygoodlivingvgd.myshopify.com/ has paralleled the site https://www.dashinglyverygoodlivingvgd.com/ and part of the concierge menu list.

Markus Flamman says, "Aside from working in Procurement for various banks and preaching the foundation of the legal aspects of supply chain management at universities in China, I enjoy my contributions as senior advisor and blogger for EngageVu."

Sharon Vu has curated for the two sites, and with Engage for Moments http://www.engageformoments.com, the website aims to be as follows:


#1 Blogs

Blogging on moments can be split into three categories. Present Moments that Engage for Moments captures and talks about in social media features guest travel related blogposts (virtually) and Engage for Moments anecdotes. Past moments would be experiences that are a reflection piece on learnings and inspiration. Future moments, such as moments with regards to experiences with online, apps, IOT, AR, and VR, are reasonable and cost effective to share with readers. This also includes Food, Travel (Virtually) and Lifestyle related base on lists, videos and articles we read in the Media, Social Media and more.


#2 Guest Blog with former Channel NewsAsia personality and ex-broadcast journalist Patwant Singh, who is currently a media consultant and trainer.

And Travel blogpost by Guo Lao Shi – Jacqueline Guo who is a part – time trainer, consultant, and enrichment teacher, https://www.facebook.com/#!/Chinese.GuoLaoShi as she shares her travel experience as a guest blogger about the Wudang Mountains in China.

#3 Moments Anecdotes that will inspire and is written by Markus that Engage for Moments will be inspirational and at times quirky.


#4 Concierge Menu

Please find the various Concierge Menus to provide for being at home, working remotely or travelling virtually:






Affordable Luxe



#5 Quick Snippets Vlogs

There will be quick snippets on events or webinars that Engage for Moments attends and that would capture the moments on varied topics.


Markus Flamman, Senior Advisor with Engagevu, and Adjunct Lecturer at the Henan University of Economics and Law commented, "These websites supply a wealth of views on F&B, recreation, and travel from the perspective of a carefully appointed group of personalities (that you will get to see in coming years) with very different backgrounds. You can read about their experience and even buy at discounted rates a growing selection of curated items from the concierge menu or globeshops."

Markus Flamman continued by saying, "Finding the right group of individuals to deliver content has been challenging. The demands on their performance operates in a niche where they’re to share experiences that fall in the category from "affordable luxury" to "home away from home experience during their trips. So this group enjoys life locally and travels a lot, and at the moment virtually. While doing so, visit unique locations, avoid touristy places and demand an upscale environment that is comfortable to relax at, due to work schedules. They spend a lot of time preparing by searching, comparing and ticking off items from their bucket lists, ensuring they get the best value.

Not only do they bring back unique items from their travel, they also return with stories. These stories they share on the websites Engage for Moments and Olive and Latte Home Lounge in return, assist to find an easy route to these same experiences.

Having gone through extensive development of these websites, learning from earlier websites as well as the recent Covid19 travel limitations, these stories are presented in a unique virtual display, allowing for an experience lifestyle from your own couch.

This same concept applies for those enjoying life in Singapore between their trips. Since some consider themselves foodies, their content delivers a clear cut overview of places to go, often new restaurants and bars, giving you that new and unique experience while it is still hot and before it is discovered by the masses. They are not hired by the restaurants and bars for posting the information, ensuring that the story is true and objective.

So head on over and be inspired for your next virtual dream trip from the comforts of your own home."

Patwant Singh, the Guest Blogger and former Channel NewsAsia personality and ex-broadcast journalist, who is currently a media consultant and trainer comments, "I was a Broadcast Journalist for two decades with one of the leading Broadcaster’s in Asia, Channel NewsAsia where I had the privilege of interviewing celebrities like Tiger Woods and David Beckham.

My extensive experience included traversing some 20 cities across different continents and covering major events from the Olympics, FIFA World Cup and Formula One among other global prestigious events.

These wealth of experience is what I bring to my current role as a media consultant and trainer in specialised skills like public speaking, content creation and media engagement to equip Executives, Public and Private Corporations and Educational Institutions in dealing with the rapidly evolving world of digital communication."

"I am really glad to be a part of the dynamic and fun team at ‘Engage for Moments’ and ‘Olive and Latte Home Lounge’ websites as they embark on this journey of information and experiential sharing.

My personal background in the media industry set me off on many a trip that were both eye-opening and unique to say the least, and I continue in those pursuits even in my post-media career.

Now, I would like to share with like-minded enthusiasts those magical and endearing moments so that you too can savour those experiences and perhaps set-off on your own adventure after being inspired by my travels."

Please reach Olive and Latte Home Lounge and Engage for Moments at

contact@oliveandlatte.com or contact@engagevusg.com for partnerships and enquiries.

To view the websites, please find at



About Olive and Latte Home Lounge and Engage for Moments

Through Olive and Latte ABS (www.oliveandlatteabs.com), the company started in 2014 as an online content generation and sharing of stories across social networks and platforms. Olive and Latte eGlobeshop http://oliveandlatte.com http://oliveandlatte.myshopify.com, a shop around the corner, was launched on 7 Feb 2018, as an extension and an ecart to describe memorabilia and items from across the globe curated by Olive and Latte with Artists, Shoppers and Biz Innovators. The items have interesting and engaging stories behind them, or sometimes as retail therapy when people travel and getaway. Olive and Latte Plug and Play is an engagement service where they plug into companies in functions to assist and engage, for Public Relations, Marketing and more, with their core of Publicists, Communicators and Marketers.

Dashingly Very Good Living VGD has the 3-pronged concept for the Affordable Luxury segment, and with the addition of the e-carting of Marketing to Solutioning services for the Individual and companies pre-paid, and with categories of Global Local Designers that Dashingly Very Good Living VGD will source, partner and procure and with the category of the Personality.

Olive and Latte Home Lounge http://www.oliveandlattehomelounge.com/ aims to cover everything about Home including notes on Enrichment, Deals of the Day and Week and Home recipes as a Home companion for those working remotely or at home. Engage for Moments https://www.engageformoments.com/ is a blog about the moments, the virtual Attractions, Travel and Anecdotal Moments and experiences be it in the online sphere and spaces.

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Vu Marcoms, engagevu
Mobile: +65 8138 6913

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Source: Olive and Latte brings to readers and viewers Olive and Latte Home Lounge while Engagevu presents Engage for Moments