"Opera Life of Shaanxi" Stunning the World, Creative Marketing Presenting the Charming Arts of Shaanxi

XI’AN, China, April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The "Opera Life of Shaanxi" online marketing activities were conducted on Facebook and Instagram between March 27th and 30th. On the occasion of the World Theatre Day, Shaanxi presented the prosperous civilization of the Yellow River and the forthright yet graceful regional culture unique to Shaanxi to the whole world with creative interaction as well as the integration of the international festival and the culture and folk art of Shaanxi, arousing people’s interest in Shaanxi.

For this event, Shaanxi launched two interactive games featuring the Qin Opera and the Ansai Waist Drum on the popular Facebook and Instagram Story. The charming arts of Shaanxi are well displayed through quality videos, posters and posts online. Award-winning questions about the meanings of the facial makeups in different colors in the Qin Opera and the number of drumbeats in the performance "Drum" were prepared for fans from all over the world to have a taste of the magnificent Qin Opera and Ansai Waist Drum.

During this "Opera Life of Shaanxi" marketing campaign, Shaanxi was able to strike a chord with fans around the world with the culture and history of Shaanxi demonstrated to them via straightaway, entertaining and prevalent marketing strategies. Meanwhile, the colorful cultural tourism resources of Shaanxi got to be widely spread through the marketing activities.

As one of the important birthplaces of the Chinese nation, Shaanxi is endowed with abundant natural tourism resources, historical and cultural heritage, as well as uniquely charming local customs. It is now systematically presenting its cultural treasure to the world in an all-round way by innovating overseas marketing ideas and forms. The true image of Shaanxi as a vigorous culturally endowed tourist city is being presented to the world.

Source: "Opera Life of Shaanxi" Stunning the World, Creative Marketing Presenting the Charming Arts of Shaanxi