Ordos Promotes Targeted Investment in Nanjing, with a Contract Value of 55.48 Billion Yuan

ORDOS, China, Dec. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — According to Ordos Municipal Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the 2019 Ordos targeted investment promotion event for processing industries (equipment manufacturing and coal chemical industry chain) was held in Nanjing. Ordos signed a total of 49 cooperation projects with 51 companies, with a total investment of 55.48 billion yuan, involving areas of new energy, intelligent manufacturing, environmental protection technology, high-end manufacturing, etc. There are 17 projects in the Yangtze River Delta region, accounting for 34% of all projects.

This year, Ordos actively carried out cooperative investment, supply chain investment, and industrial chain investment. From January to September, the city signed 128 investment projects, with a contract value of 174.134 billion yuan, and an operating rate of 48%.

Behind the data is a clear path for the "modern city" of Ordos and the Yangtze River Delta to move towards a wider, deeper and higher level of cooperation. This is a strong driving force for the pursuit of high-quality development from a "coal mining economy" to "multiple areas".

Ordos is one of China’s 14 large-scale coal bases, one of the nine largest coal-fired power bases, and one of four modern coal chemical industry demonstration zones. The proven coal reserves here are 210.2 billion tons, accounting for about one-sixth of the country’s reserves. The proven reserves of natural gas are 4.92 trillion cubic meters, accounting for about one-third of the country’s reserves. Ordos has become one of the main gas sources for China’s natural gas transmission project from West to East.

Today, Ordos, China’s "city of coal" and "city of gas", has taken a series of measures to enhance the momentum of its high-quality development.

At present, more than 15 million tons of coal chemical production has been built in Ordos, with an annual coal conversion volume of 65 million tons. The industrial chain has also extended to fine chemicals, graphene, polymer materials, and carbon materials. The installed capacity of natural gas coal-fired power has reached 20.31 million kilowatts. After the two UHV transmission channels and supporting power point projects of Mongolia West-Tianjin South and Shanghai Temple-Shandong have gone into operation, new electricity installations of 14.6 million kilowatts can be added. Projects such as Shenhua Coal Direct Liquefaction, Yitai Coal Indirect Liquefaction, and Zhongtian Hechuang Coal Deep Processing have been leading their various industries in China.

The non-coal industry is also flourishing, and strategic emerging industries have achieved fruitful results. In 2018, the first phase of 500,000 kilowatts of grid-connected power generation at the Dalad photovoltaic power generation application base, as well as wool spinning, ceramics, automobile manufacturing, high-end precision casting, cloud computing and biomedical industries have continued to develop. From a "difficult situation" to a "breakthrough situation", new green energy is steadily replacing the coal industry. The non-coal industry’s added value accounts for 49% of the overall share, while the added value of high-tech industries has increased by 24.5%.

While intensifying the optimization of the industry’s "permutations and combinations", Ordos continues to improve the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

High, low, scattered, quiet, leisurely… The "garden city" that changes from scene to scene continues to improve the concept of livability. Crowds, traffic, logistics, business opportunities… The "magnetic effect" of infinite possibilities constantly enlarges the field of the new city on the grasslands.

Ordos regards the "decentralization of service" reform as a "driver" for optimizing its business environment. The city is striving to do a good job to decentralize and simplify administration, strengthen supervision and optimize services. Ordos has achieved the government mandate of "One Network Office" and is actively promoting the construction of "Credit Ordos". It has been ranked as the safest city in China for many years and has created a modern urban living environment with stable law and order, good security, a pleasant place to live, and convenient for tourism and business. At the same time, there are preferential policies in areas such as industrial development, financial services, talent introduction, as well as "Internet +", logistics, exhibitions, innovation and creativity. For projects that have a significant impact on the promotion of regional development, the "one discussion on one matter, one policy for one enterprise" approach has been adopted to give greater policy support.

Respecting business, attaching importance to it, being close to it, and providing a stable environment have become the "golden business cards" of Ordos. At the same time, Ordos has obvious transportation and industrial advantages. Guided by the conviction that "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", it has been identified by the United Nations as the world’s first "Eco-economic Demonstration Area". The "Kubuqi Desertification Control Model" provided China’s plan for global desertification control. In March 2019, the Ordos Comprehensive Free Trade Zone was officially opened. Various projects, science and technology, human resources, capital, knowledge, and other vital factors are all gathering here… Regional value is even more prominent. "Ordos Blue" and "Ordos Green" add color to the high-quality development.

Supported by the prominent "Spring Garden" industries and led by the National Sustainable Development Agenda of building an Innovative Demonstration Zone, Ordos is working to create an ecological civilization in the Yellow River Basin, a national advanced demonstration zone for high-quality development of the modern energy economy, an integrated development demonstration zone for multi-regional ecological, cultural and tourist industries, and a high-quality development demonstration zone for modern agriculture and animal husbandry in desertification areas. A new path, with ecology at the forefront and green development at the core, is leading the way towards a "wonderful land" of high-quality development.

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