Oysterable Showcases AIoT Smart Resource Circulation Solution 'Lalaloop' at MWC2023

  • Lalaloop© AIoT resource circulation solution enables lifecycle data management of resources from manufacturing to reprocessing via LalaloopID© and AIoT self-serve Reverse Vending Machine (RVM).
  • It tracks individual and corporate carbon emissions and has been recognized as the smartest solution for building smart cities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

BARCELONA, Spain and SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Oysterable (CEO, Tae GoanBae) announced that it introduces the AIoT smart resource circulation solution, Lalaloop© at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2023) in Barcelona, Spain, from today  to Thursday, March 2.

A visitor returns the Lalaloop© reusable cup with the LalaloopID© to Lalaloop© AIoT resource circulation solution.
A visitor returns the Lalaloop© reusable cup with the LalaloopID© to Lalaloop© AIoT resource circulation solution.

Oysterable’s Lalaloop© AIoT resource circulation solution is a cutting-edge, self-serve, resource-circulating, Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) and infrastructure that creates a closed loop cycle of recyclables and reusables to solve the growing problem of single-use plastics and waste. It is composed of Lalaloop© AIoT RVM’, ‘LalaloopID©’, and a connected reward application.  It automates the collection of resource and carbon incentive management anytime and anywhere, without the need for human assistance.  It enables citizens to engage in recycling and reuse easily and conveniently for carbon neutral.

LalaloopID© is an exclusive identification code embedded in recyclables and reusables that is presented for the first time at MWC 2023. LalaloopID© tracks the entire life cycle of resources, including the manufacturing, distribution, and disposal of raw materials, and data on the amount of carbon emissions and waste reduction at each stage, and individuals and companies can trade carbon credits with this data. It can be applied in various types such as QR, Barcode, RFID, Digital watermark, etc.

Oysterable introduces Lalaloop Cup© with LalaloopID© at MWC 2023, following the Lalaloop© AIoT Reusable Cup Solution introduced at CES 2022. It provides infrastructure for building smart cities at the enterprise, city, and regional levels, and received the interest from major buyers and investors in the U.S., Europe, and Asia before the show.

Tae-Goan Bae (CEO of Oysterable) said, "We hope that the AIoT smart resource circulation solution Lalaloop© will encourage citizens to practice recycling and reuse in a more enjoyable and convenient way. As a leading AIoT resource circulation company, Oysterable will continue to contribute to global carbon neutrality with citizens with innovative and convenient technologies."

Oysterable participates in the Korea Pavilion at MWC2023, co-organized by KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) and KICTA (Korea Information and Communication Technology Industry Association).

About Oysterable

Oysterable is a leading AIoT circulation company in Korea. It specializes in providing cutting-edge AIoT recycling and circular infrastructure and operations management solutions that effectively address the plastic and waste problems. Through the deployment of self-serve resource circulating reverse vending machines and rewards apps, Oysterable is promoting sustainability by creating a virtuous cycle that encourages citizen participation, which is essential for building global smart cities for carbon neutrality, by leveraging innovative technology and rewarding citizens for their participation. Oysterable has self-developed technology, and secured  more than 12 patent applications, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation. As of December 2022, Oysterable apps have reached about 80,000 cumulative users, and more than 660 Lalaloop© machines are successfully operating across Korea. With its innovative solutions and growing user base, Oysterable is playing an instrumental role in promoting sustainable practices in the region and beyond.

Source: Oysterable Showcases AIoT Smart Resource Circulation Solution 'Lalaloop' at MWC2023