Personal Care Company 'Siita' Commits to Biodegradation in Production

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Korean cosmetics company ‘Siita’ recently applied its biodegradation technology to all its products and transformed itself into the world’s first zero-waste company.


Siita has designed all its products with biodegradable technology and succeeded in completely decomposing and composting the products using its own system. Siita completely stopped producing plastic products from early this year and received attention by donating their profits obtained from the remaining products.

In the future, finished and empty products from Siita will be converted to compost at Siita’s facilities to be provided to the local farmers and communities. This will completely decompose the product to eliminate the generation of any waste, which is evaluated as a valuable achievement in the modern society where the environmental issues are escalating worldwide.

In addition to not being recyclable, biodegradable resin products must also satisfy specific conditions to be decomposed.  This demands financial capacities and the capabilities to conduct the technical research.  Despite the numerous companies that distribute biodegradable resin products, most of the eco-friendly products have been disposed as general waste.

Siita decided the acceleration of the solution for environmental problems worldwide to be more significant than monopolizing the technology. Therefore, Siita decided to disclose the information on the use decomposable raw materials, the process of decomposition, and the microbial technology for free.

In addition, Siita also proposed a new zero-waste model.  The three ‘New Zero Waste’ principles from Siita are as follows: The product must not become a waste at the end of its life and must contribute to people and the environment. The realization of zero waste must be verified on objective grounds. Producers must take responsibility to factualize this throughout the entire lifecycle of the product.

Siita wishes to eliminate the fundamental causes of waste, rather than gradually improving the environmental issues. Siita will innovatively improve the environmental issues through the principles of New Zero Waste and our technical achievements.

Siita plans to continue its research with multinational companies to develop materials that can be completely decomposed without environmental or technological constraints in the future, and to achieve carbon neutrality of the biodegradable raw materials.

Source: Personal Care Company 'Siita' Commits to Biodegradation in Production